Digital Signage

Summer Warnings


The more your Retriever Digital Signage is used to communicate to your employees or customers, the more ways you’ll look to use it. We’ve talked about using your tv signage for integrating your branding and encouraging customer loyalty, but today, let’s talk about some practical ways to increase your viewer loyalty through safety.


Safety announcements are important year-round, but in the summer, it seems we need even more reminders. Between the weather, heat advisories and general wisdom, you’ll have plenty of content for your Retriever Digital Signage slides!

Outdoor Safety: Regardless of where you live, summer safety is important. Post reminders about what SPF ratings are or perhaps a list of the safest skin products from the EWG. If your tv screens are closer to outdoor areas, slides reminding viewers to stay hydrated would be very helpful.

Pollen Count/Air Quality: Knowing what the environmental hazards are before stepping outside is such an important thing for many families. This slide could be updated daily with the local stats or could simply read “high”, “good”, “fair”, etc. with the appropriately colored backgrounds. Additionally, you could find an air quality RSS feed from your state’s weather department and link it to your feed.

Weather Alerts: This safety aspect may just be the easiest of all the updates since you can link directly to your local news station for updates. Knowing what weather is coming while you’re out running errands is an invaluable tool, but consider what it means for the employees who have been in a production room for the past 8 hours. We always recommend having a weather slide in every slide show you plan. Keeping your viewers, employee or customer, informed is a key method to encouraging a feeling of security and value.

You know your viewers, so keeping tabs on what is important to them is a wise idea. Is a heat wave predicted for your area? Posting safe locations for people without air conditioning is information that people can take with them and pass along. Information is vital in a season where fun is the focus, so use your Retriever Digital Signage to capitalize on the fun of communication and get the news out!

What else would you add to this list?