Business Goals

Tell your Company’s Story with Digital Signage


Every company has a story to tell, and the most captivating story you can tell is your own. How well do your patrons know YOU? They want to connect with you. They want to know that your company has a history worth sharing. People connect to the personal stories, so take a moment and design some slides for your Retriever Digital Signage to share with the people who step into your building; create a connection for them.

Share Your Company History
Did your company start in a garage? Was it something created by two college roommates who wanted to change the world? Or a group of moms who saw a need and filled it? If your company has been around for a long time, you’ve got a rich history to share. Utilize a timeline to highlight the major events along your company‚Äôs journey. Describe how your company came to be and where it hopes to go. And don’t forget to include some photos. Everyone loves to see a photo of the company founders in their vintage finest!

Employee Bios
Part of creating a connection with your customers is letting them see you and your employees as more than just the person handing them products or creating services for you. Employee bios lend a little bit of personality to your communication and help to create those personal links that keep customers coming back again and again. Additionally, placing a face with the name helps people to remember your IT guy’s name is Matt, not Max. Which is a good thing, especially if they see a lot of Matt.

Video Tours
You might not be able to take each person who enters your building on a walk around the offices or production floor, but you can show them a video! A video tour can help tell the story of your company and your product, while still keeping your trade secrets under wraps. And to maximize your impact, you could also share the videos on your website and/or YouTube channel.

Connect with your customers on a personal level, increase their loyalty, and use the Retriever Digital Signage to tell your story.