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Three Things Miley Cyrus Can Teach Us About Digital Marketing


For every generation there is the performer that hogs the news feeds, capturing our attention (or disgust) with their every move. For this generation, it would seem that Miley Cyrus is the performer who has latched on the attention and has no intention of letting go. Regardless of your personal feelings for this former Disney-star-turned-topic-du-jour, her marketing team has some strategy that could very well translate into success for your digital marketing with the Retriever Digital Signage.

First: Be strategic. Never underestimate about the power of thoughtful planning when it comes to your marketing. Content and timing are everything in this world! Do you remember Miley’s twerking stunt at the 2013 VMA awards? The world was so shocked by her behavior that she bumped the Syrian conflict from the news feeds for popularity and when her newest single came out it was purchased and downloaded over 90,000 times within the first few days of it’s release. Now, I don’t suggest that you create some sort of a scandal within your company so you have something eye catching to share on the Retriever Digital Slides, but I am suggesting that you look at your calendar. Think about the marketing that you could do to promote the next week’s specials and new products. Don’t talk about upcoming sales to far in advance, you’ll lose their interest. Promote and act right away!

Second: Be Distinct. When it comes to your marketing, there are three types: Good, Bad and Everything Else.  Obviously, good marketing gets you great results and patrons who return time and again. Bad marketing, as we’ve already shown makes for some uncomfortable apologies, wasted time and money, but still gets you attention. But everything else… everything else is forgotten. Think about the performers at these award shows, do you remember them? Not typically, unless they do something dramatic. You need to ensure your Retriever Digital Signage slides stand out. Research your competitors and do something so distinctly different from them that you will stand out. Don’t be afraid to make your slides, your ads and your content speak for themselves through your creative process!

Third: Market to your audience. Make sure that when you design your slide or choose images that you are considering your target audience. For instance, if you are a hair salon that caters primarily to women, you wouldn’t use a slide that talks about men’s hair styles. Just as Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga wouldn’t arrange to sing their current hits at a nursing home, you need to ensure that the slides, promotions and information on your Retriever Digital Signage are applicable to your direct audience.

In order to be successful in this game called business, you must learn to work with the audience to capture their attention before your competitors. Your goal should be for your customers to connect and identify with you, so don’t hesitate to try something new and bold in your marketing! And here’s another thing you can learn from the “rebels” in Hollywood: Don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun designing and planning your marketing for your Retriever Digital Signage. You can enjoy your experience, make a few jokes, host a competition to reward your customers or share some company trivia. When it all boils down, your goal is to increase your revenue, so take some extra steps to be bold with your marketing… just skip the twerking.