To Zone or Not to Zone, that is the Question


I was at a digital signage convention and listened to sales pitches from many sign makers. I joined a small group at one booth and the salesperson was saying, “We’re showing you 13 zones right now but if you want more that’s no problem.” What! Yes, it is a problem.

I digital sign is similar to a bulletin board. You’ve seen it, messages tacked up here and there, post it notes, paper with little tear-off tags, pictures of this and that. The board is filled with things for sale, lost animals, rent this vacation home, and there under the recipe for Mary’s apple pie is a health insurance change or information on the free admission to a local amusement park. More is not better.

In all the clutter important information is lost. Information you want or information that someone needs to get to you. Whether the viewer is an employee or a customer the need for clear, concise information is paramount. By rotating the messaging on your sign from topic to topic you will provide better information in a more organized fashion.

Are there times and places for zones, sure; but they are the exception and not the rule.
Digital signage is like a highway billboard, give the viewer a focused message in 7 words or less to get maximum results. Message impact is the key to communication and we have designed that into the Retriever.

Anyone can throw words on a screen, a big part of success is how you do it. We’ve provided the tools you need to create engaging messaging. Start training your Retriever Digital Sign today with a call to our office. You’ll be up and running once you plug it in at your location.

Dave Damron

Dave Damron

Dave Damron founded DRM Productions — the creators of Retriever Digital Signage — in 1984. He brings a creative and unique set of eyes to the table for any photography and videography projects. Dave’s passion for photography extends beyond work and he also enjoys gardening and woodworking in his free time.