What is the Retriever? Powerful, Easy Digital Signage

The Retriever is our highly capable digital sign software, but more importantly, it's a communication tool. We designed it to be a simple, powerful, and flexible digital signage solution.


Many digital signage companies claim their systems are easy to use. We prove it every day.

Easy digital signage solutions

The Player is Simple

Just plug in the Retriever player and connect it to your TV, and it's ready to go. Our digital sign software is truly plug-and-play.

Web-app interface

The Web-App is Simple

When you login to our website to update your Retriever, the app is intuitive. You can clearly see what slides you are picking and even see the difference between what you're working on and what is live on your sign.

Training and Support

Training and Support are Simple

Our digital signage company does more than sell you a product. With our straightforward training videos, you will be up and running with the Retriever before you know it. And with our system monitoring and tech support, you can relax knowing our team is working for you.


Digital signage software is an effective medium, and the Retriever puts you in control.

Woman looking at a digital sign in a busy mall

A Powerful Medium

Digital signage uses graphics, color, and motion to grab attention. Then it leverages weather forecasts, trivia, Twitter, and RSS news feeds to captivate your audience as you get your message across.

Using a tablet to update signage

A Powerful Application

Since the Retriever's digital signage software is actually a web-app, you can update your sign from anywhere you have internet access on whatever device you want. Plus, you can update all your locations from the same app.

Advanced control

Powerful Control

The Retriever uses the latest technology to make sure your digital sign updates as soon as you tell it. You can even schedule content ahead of time to come on or off. You are in full control.


The Retriever can be quickly customized to fit your precise needs.

Paint splash representing design and color choices

Design Flexibility

Our team has designed hundreds of customizable templates. Choose your own pictures, text, and videos. Change the colors and fonts. Arrange and re-order your playlist. The possibilities are endless.

Digital signage in multiple locations

Location Flexibility

Whether you have a single sign in your lobby or dozens of stores across the country, you can manage your entire campaign from the Retriever web-app. Push the same content to all locations, or give each location its own playlist. You can even duplicate slides between playlists (or to all playlists) from a single spot.

Digital signage software users

User Flexibility

The Retriever lets you decide who has access to different slides or playlists. Set up users that can manage everything or that can only change one or two slides. That access can be changed at any time.

The Retriever is easy digital signage at its best, and it's from one of today's top digital signage companies. It gives you the power to reach your audience with a message tailored to both you and them. It is a simple, powerful, and flexible communication tool. Get the Retriever, get noticed, and get results.

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