Digital Signage

How to use Digital Signage to Write Your Own Story


Recently, I read a blog post by Seth Godin where in less than 100 words made one of the most poignant statements in the business world: do not be the cure, be the story.

“The plumber, the roofer and the electrician sell us a cure. They come to our house, fix the problem, and leave.

The consultant, the doctor (often) and the politician sell us the narrative. They don’t always change things, but they give us a story, a way to think about what’s happening. Often, that story helps us fix our problems on our own.”

Retriever Digital Signage is here to be the story. It serves to ask the questions that get you thinking about your marketing. Digital signage won’t cure your marketing ails, it will open your eyes to what you can do differently, better even. It gives you the tools to analyze your services so that you can better personalize them to fit the needs of your patrons and clients.

When you transfer your marketing from traditional styles with paper signs, flyers and mailers, you must redesign your plan. You can no longer whip out the same signs with the same “safe” graphics and fonts… let me rephrase: you are no longer restricted to those graphics and fonts. No longer are you confined to a medium that is so costly you develop a panic attack prior to printing. Today, if you decide that your message isn’t as impactful as you desire, a few clicks of your mouse and a burst of creativity and you’re all set with the new message.

The Retriever Digital Signage possess an interface that is responsive and simple to use. With this tool, you can change your messages, templates and even add in new partnerships. You can take this opportunity to not only rewrite your company story, but extend to others the ability to branch out and write their own chapters, so to speak. Via Retriever Digital Signage, your community of business can grow using your company as the hub for the others to connect to.

You see, with the introduction of Retriever Digital Signage into your company’s marketing plan, you don’t need a cure. Instead of a canned answer from a product, you now have the power to write your own story. You control the message, the timing, the changes. You ask the questions that will change your business’ future.