Retriever Digital Signage is in the Food Biz


More and more bars and restaurants across the U.S. are embracing digital signage as technology evolves, which is making it both more affordable and user-friendly than ever before. As a result, digital signage has proven itself to be both a cost-effective and innovative method for bars and restaurants to improve the customer experience and overall bottom-line. Need some examples of how Retriever Digital Signage can help keep your business on the up and up? Look no further! 

  • Dynamic: Differing from  traditional menus and printed marketing,Retriever Digital Signage offers a simple way to keep customers aware of new menu items, specials, events, etc. which might otherwise be difficult for your waitstaff to share with patrons as they take orders and refill drinks.
  • Versatile: Retriever Digital Signage wears many hats. On one hand, it can be a dynamic digital menu board or to entertain guests as they wait for their table or for their food to arrive. On the flip side, by rotating different offers or visuals, your restaurant can experiment with different marketing messages and tactics to see what works best for YOU!
  • Visual: People eat and drink with their eyes. Using your Retriever Digital Signage to display appealing visuals, such as a tasty new menu item or popular cocktail, you are more likely to increase sales at your bar or restaurant.
  • Easy to manage: Due to advances in cloud-based technology, almost anyone can become a marketing genius through the Retriever Digital Signage. Your content, images and video can be created and managed remotely, anywhere, anytime. It’s simple enough that even if you don’t have a tech background, you can still navigate the program and retain control of your advertising.
  • Easy on the Earth: Using the Retriever Digital Signage can help bars and restaurants reduce their environmental footprint by reducing the need for printing and paper consumption.
  • Improve Marketing Consistency  : If you have multi-unit bars or restaurants, the Retriever Digital Signage can provide a simple and efficient method to display a universal marketing messages all your locations.
  • Motivates and Celebrates Staff: Using your Retriever Digital Signage, you can now let every one know who the employee of the month is by adding a slide into your rotation with the wonderful news. Taking the time to celebrate your employees and their accomplishments also gives back to your company by promoting internal loyalty.
  • Cross-Promotion: Any Bar or restaurants can utilize Retriever Digital Signage to support other local businesses and events while creating an additional revenue stream by rotating ad placements among their own slides on behalf of those advertising partners.

The key to achieving the best possible results from your Retriever Digital Signage is to provide guests with eye-catching content and visuals, that will keep them entertained and engaged during their visit… and your establishment on their mind the next time they choose to go out to eat or hang out with friends!