Using Digital Signage in Your Hospital


Hospitals have a reputation for being filled with stress. To combat this, walls are painted soothing colors, classical music plays and the food is constantly under-going change. It can feel as though each patient is a number, and as such hospital administrators are constantly working to reduce the intimidation factor of any interaction with their institution.

Retriever Digital Signage serves to clear up communication and give those visiting and staying in hospitals something that entertains and informs them as they wait for procedures and loved ones.

TV signage provides a unique tool to those within their walls in a number of ways. Perhaps the most simple tool is  by providing a detailed map of the facility. Since each Retriever can be programmed to best suit your hospital’s needs, administrators can choose which map to feature, either by department or the building on the whole. The size of your building may require one focus to take precedent, but because the Retriever playlist can be customized with the click of a button, that focus can change as needed.

Hospitals are busy, but Retriever Digital Signage is flexible. Distribution of the digital playlist can be handled by hospital administration or human resources. Each person is given a unique login and changes can be made from any computer with internet access. Additionally, using the Retriever in a surgical waiting room can provide real-time patient status updates, lowering the stress of the waiting family and friends.

Digital signage is a very efficient method of communication. Even though there are unique logins, departments can see an improvement in collaboration as various members work to improve the workforce communication. Updates happen within moments and can be made at any time. Slide themes can be chosen dependent on the department or hospital branding. Traditional whiteboards can be replaced, and the struggle to read even more scratchy handwriting can finally be put to rest.

There’s enough stress in a hospital setting – communication shouldn’t add to it. Retriever Digital Signage has the potential to revolutionize a hospital as much as a new treatment. Benefits can be felt by the patients, staff and visitors in a way that will encourage future patronage and confidence.

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