Business Goals

Using Digital Signage to Increase Productivity


It happens every weekend. Employees working overtime spend far too long on their breaks. Sure, it’s the weekend, but isn’t the point of overtime getting extra work done? How can Retriever Digital Signage help?

Let’s consider where your tv signage is placed around your facility. Is it in the break room? The production floor? Locker room? It doesn’t matter, cycling a variety of reminder slides throughout the slide show with the length of the break, can be a clear, concise reminder to staff of the guidelines for overtime breaks. Even if you as the manager or human resources personnel can’t be present, the Retriever can be working for you!

As managers and human resources personnel, you know your team the best. And you know where those time wasting opportunities can pop up. Here’s another tip: Use a slide to remind staff of a productivity challenge for the quarter. Often in the beginning of a quarter, everyone is on board and enthusiastic, but as time passes, they forget the goal. Use the Retriever to remind them not only of the productivity goal, but the incentives for meeting it!

Retriever Digital Signage isn’t just for announcements. Use a slide to show where the productivity for the month is in context of the quarterly goal. Or use it as an opportunity to recognize an employee’s outstanding work this week. Celebrate the achievements and milestones with your staff and before you know it, your communication will be powerful and effective!