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3 Tips for Creating an Excited Audience


A wise marketer will take the time to learn about the human psyche and how it responds to information as they expand their marketing reach through tv signage. Learning even the basics of human psychology can be a valuable tool for any business or organization that relies on outside action. As you translate your organization’s information into Retriever Digital Signage campaigns, the opportunity to use human psychology to make your slides more powerful by appealing to the viewers’ excitement.

To start, let’s review what excitement really is as it can be quite helpful to understand this before harnessing its power. Excitement is an emotion, and like all the other emotions, it is a response to a stimulus. When the right stimulus for an individual is achieved, the brain sends a message to increase heart rate and breathing, just in case the body needs to be ready for action. However, since the human body is constantly seeking homeostasis (stability), it will regulate emotional responses so that the feeling of excitement is gone in about 20 minutes.

What does this mean for your tv signage campaigns? Don’t waste your opportunity to make the object of your viewers’ excitement easily attainable. When a person is excited about the possibility of scoring a deal on your product or service, they are more likely to act – to make a decision – as excitement often leads to impulsive behavior. Simply put, emotion overrides reason. And this can be a great for your bottom line.

How do you create emotion? To start, a loyalty program is a great incentive. Starbucks has certainly managed to create excitement through their gold level loyalty program. The app itself is entertaining as it drops your stars into the cup, showing just how close you are to your next reward. And who doesn’t love free coffee? Using your Retriever Digital Signage to promote your loyalty program is a great way to not only inform your audience about the benefits you offer, but with the visuals on your tv screens, you can encourage their participation. Showing examples of progress on the slides, creates excitement and interest. Your loyalty program can be as simple as a punch card that your customers keep in their wallet, but progress, or the idea of progress can be a very powerful tool in your marketing approach.

Promoting sales is also a great method to increase excitement, in fact, it’s one of the most common and effective methods. One strategy for promoting your sales would be to feature success stories from recent customers. For example, if you own a retail shop like Andy Scharosch, creating a hashtag for Instagram users to label their posts that feature the uniforms they purchase from him would allow for an easy database of satisfied customers. Including a slide with a nursing student’s photo cheering the great deal they were able to score, even on a student’s income, is an excellent method for creating excitement, building customer loyalty and encouraging cross promotion. The younger your client base is, the more likely you will be able to capitalize on their excitement by linking a social media feed (like Instagram) to your Retriever Digital Signage playlist.

At the time of this writing, Starbucks is gearing up for the summer drink menu. This creates two levels of excitement in their marketing. The first level is excitement for something new and the second is a feeling of panic as the customers realize that the last time they will be able to drink their current favorite specialty hot coffee is drawing to a close! Using your Retriever Digital Signage to promote your seasonal sales, products, or services places an emphasis on the limited nature of your offering, creating an increased desire for the purchase.

To sum up, any business or organization can take a hint from the marketing geniuses at Starbucks. Use your Retriever Digital Signage to really emphasize the promotion of your loyalty programs, seasonal offerings and social media connections. If a seasonal latte can garner it’s own fan pages and hashtags, you can certainly take your own promotions out of the box and onto your tv signage!