30 Years and we’re still not done


DRM Productions was first headquartered in the basement of one of the founders. All we did at the time was video for cable commercial insertion and corporate marketing/ training videos. It was a lean time. The partners talked about who should be laid off about 6 month after the company started. Then some job came along that helped us and we’ve been on a roll ever since.

After 10 years we decided to spend over $100,000 to upgrade our video systems. Gulp. It worked and we had some of the best years shooting video all over north central Ohio.
At the end of the 90’s we built our own building, there goes another pile of money.

That’s about the time we moved into the digital age along with everyone else. In doing so we expanded our offerings. We now create any kind of media a customer wants: video, web, printing, photography, IPOD apps, specialty web applications and more.

There are nine now employed at DRM Productions, we have guys who specialize in the different types of work we do but everyone can wear a couple of hats. We also have two dogs on staff as door greeters…we’re just that kind of company. Many of our customers have become friends and we like it that way.

We have a laid back style but we are big advocates of getting the job done right, on time and on budget. Every job puts a new fire in the furnace and we get excited about the possibilities. While all of us put a lot of effort in our work we believe in the old saying,
“do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

We’ll compare our creations against anyone’s. We take our motto to heart, “Communicate with Impact”. Let us help you reach your target audience and make a difference. Come in some time, pet one of the dogs and we’ll talk. We can work at a distance as well, you’ll just miss the dogs.

A handshake is our contract and our promise. Trust is a very big deal around here.

Dave Damron

Dave Damron

Dave Damron founded DRM Productions — the creators of Retriever Digital Signage — in 1984. He brings a creative and unique set of eyes to the table for any photography and videography projects. Dave’s passion for photography extends beyond work and he also enjoys gardening and woodworking in his free time.