No Software


Retriever Digital Signage has no software to learn or install. Just use our simply drop down menus to build your signage in the Retriever cloud we’ve built for our customers. Google, “drm retriever” to visit our website. Press the launch button above the flying rocket dog and play in our sandbox.

You can build signs by first picking a slide type, then pick a background type, add text or picture or both and preview signs right away. There is no manual. Also note, there is no help button because you don’t need one! Those things are never any good anyway.

OK, so you’re new to the system and your scratching your head wondering if you can do something. You have a few options. Your first option is to go to our Youtube channel. Google, “youtube drm retriever” and watch one of our “how to” videos. These videos are short and to the point.

If you’re more a people person call our help line listed under contacts. (We’re in Ohio and here from 8:30 till about 6, eastern time.) Depending on your timing, you will talk to one of the owners or one of the developers. Our goal, help you and then make you laugh or at least put a smile on your face.

If its the middle of the night, email us on our helpline and we’ll call ASAP.

We make it all easy. Give us a call or drop an email and we would be glad to spend some time bragging about Retriever Digital Signage. We have our signage in every kind of business and school you can think so there aren’t any situations we haven’t seen.

Call our name and we’ll come running, just like a well trained dog. That’s Retriever Digital Signage.

Dave Damron

Dave Damron

Dave Damron founded DRM Productions — the creators of Retriever Digital Signage — in 1984. He brings a creative and unique set of eyes to the table for any photography and videography projects. Dave’s passion for photography extends beyond work and he also enjoys gardening and woodworking in his free time.