6 Steps to Your Corporate Image Video


There is an element of pride that comes from having effective tools to showcase your organization. Today’s marketing requires the use of video and photo images to fully communicate your message. An impactful video can tell the story of your company’s creation, introduce a marketing campaign for a new product or even celebrate a product’s anniversary.

Before you get started on this project, let’s take a moment to discuss 6 very important steps to achieving success in the video world!

  1. Define your budget. Knowing your boundaries can help streamline the rest of these steps – after all, you wouldn’t shop for a car without knowing what you could afford, would you?  Videos can encompass all sorts of lengths and topics, so you can stand out in the crowd. Learn about pricing for the length you hope to accomplish, any extras you may need for the set and compensation for the employees who participate.
  2. Determine your target. Who do you hope will be the most impacted by this video? This definition is key to how you create your script. Just as you wouldn’t advertise a hip-hop dance class in a senior center, know the preferences of your primary viewing audience.
  3. Outline your script. Now that you know your budget and your target, you can start to layout your video structure. What are your top objectives? Is this to be a marketing tool or to acquaint visitors with your company’s history? How long is your video? Our creative directors can take these details from you and translate them into a production that communicates the very essence of your company.
  4. Do your research. Come prepared with the style reference that appeals the most to you. Take the time to look up like companies and see how they’ve created their video campaigns. When you find a style that speaks to you and your team, you’ve probably found something will speak to your audience. After all, if you don’t like how your company is presented, how can you show it with pride?
  5. Be realistic. Make sure that as you plan your video campaign, you are keeping an eye on your calendar and your budget. Know what you want, but be willing to have the time invested into it. It takes time and creativity to produce a product you are excited to share.
  6. Be flexible. The purpose of a promotional video is primarily to keep viewers coming back for more. Keep in mind that you want them to come back and ask you deeper questions because they are intrigued by the video. Don’t make the mistake of insisting that every detail must be included at the risk of boring your audience. Instead, give them just enough that they can’t wait for the next installment!

Taking these 6 steps will provide you with a foundation for a successful video campaign you can show with pride!