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Tv signage is your very own digital pitching tool. Learn how to maximize this tool and your organization has the potential for great success. In order to jump start your communication connection, you’ve first got to get their attention. With some planning, you’ll know where to set up your screen to maximize viewership, and learn how to gauge what works for capturing and maintaining interest. Once this is established, you can then plan a call for action to integrate into your slide show.

It is important to create a powerful and compelling call to action that will reach your viewers. A call to action takes a simple digital communication and turns it into a challenge to do something, say something, even be something. The call to action should be brief and to the point, but compelling enough that people want to participate.

– Target common interests

– Use commands

– Use action words

– Be vivid

A call to action can be as simple as announcing that oranges are good for your health AND on sale, or organizing a fundraiser for a family impacted by cancer. Don’t be afraid to change up the theme or the time frame for the action. You may not get a bite on your first call to action display on your tv signage, but you’ll soon learn what your viewers respond to the most.

If you could get your message across in just one sentence, what would you say? How could you inspire action on one slide?