Digital Signage

Millennials and Digital Signage

Laura | May 3, 2016

Oh those millennials. In a world of tech and instant updates, many employers find it a challenge to communicate with their younger staff in an effective manner that is still cost effective. As the years have passed, we see an increase in digital communication, so why not translate this to your company or organization with the introduction of tv signage. Digital communication does away with intranets, interoffice memos and those pesky neon memos.

Millennials have grown up with their eyes constantly fixed on a screen – so be sure to take advantage of this as you place digital signage displays in high-traffic areas around your space. If there’s a message you need them to know, put it up here. Bulletin boards and printed newsletters will not work – they are barely effective for your middle aged employees! As we’ve been talking about on this blog, social media is a great method for communication, but even better knowing that it can be linked to your slideshow for easy display on your tv screens!

Short and sweet is the way to communicate with anyone; make your point and move on. A good way to stay relevant to the millennial crowd is to balance humor and corporate need-to-knows. Show funny memes on your digital signage displays as well as timely messages from HR. If they’re laughing with you, you’ll find engaged employees who continuously check the digital signs, even when they don’t realize what they’re doing!

A key characteristic of this generation is a need to be heard. Social media platforms and parents acted as sounding boards as they grew up. They are used to their voices being taken note of, even if only with a “like”. But this generation isn’t only in it for popularity. They seek a workplace where their ideas are not only heard, but put into action and rewarded.

With Retriever Digital Signage, it’s easy to make these goals possible. Even better, our interface allows for multiple users, so you can assign specific staff members to handle the “fun” slides while other members focus on the data and new information. Or give each department a highlight slide where they can brag about their employees’ work.

If your business is willing to change and listen to its younger employees, the sky is the limit for success both in your communication and your impact.