3 Challenges Translating Static to Digital

Many companies use their Retriever Digital Signage to support their Human Resource Department goals for communication with employees. As such, they are often in a position where they need to recycle memo content into Retriever Digital Signage content. As easy as this would seem, there are actually a few challenges that are encountered when transferring these messages:

  • Structure of the message
  • Resolution and quality of the graphics
  • Consistent brand messages

The structure of the message is a challenge brought to you by grammar. Memos do not always translate well from paragraph format to a concise message that can be read in under 10 seconds. In order to conquer this challenge, you’ll have to take a step back from the information in the memo (email, handout, etc.) and consider what the most important content is. Once you determine the absolute priority, the message can be written. Keep in mind that you can use more than one slide to convey your message, just ensure that the slides are well written and have appropriate graphics to underscore the content. Don’t forget to vary the slides as you are communicating your message as well. Just as people tend to gloss over the lengthy interoffice memo, they will lose interest in tv signage that only displays information. Retriever Digital Signage provides options for you to integrate the news, weather and a little bit of fun to break up the information and keep your viewers engaged.how_to_recycle_content

The digital world requires graphics that are high quality as you can no longer blame a blurry, pixelated photo on the copier. Retriever Digital Signage will accept high resolution images and resize the image so that it fits appropriately within the slide. This challenge is one that must be taken seriously as whether or not you consider graphics important, they still become the face of your communication. The human eye loves a bright and engaging graphic, don’t forget that as you choose your images!

Brand consistency is a challenge simple to overcome. Retriever Digital Signage is designed with adaptability that can work for you as though it were the employee of the month. Keep telling your company’s story and carry over your logo and colors through those slides.

Retriever Digital Signage is a tool that when used with creativity and planning can transform from a neat new program to an invaluable asset for your company. Support those people in your company whose main job is to communicate. Help them to get the message out, conquer those challenges and move communications from static to engaging.

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