Retriever Users

Keep content fresh, to keep viewers engaged!


Since the first first Retriever Digital Signage made its debut we have championed the arrival of such an effective communication method. Gone are the days of bulletin boards over stuffed with flyers and old news. Right? Well, partly.

Yes, Retriever Digital Signage eliminates the need for static signage. Once you see what a scheduled slide show can do for your corporate communication, it’s nearly impossible to settle for colored flyers. Comparison between tv signage and photocopied memos holds very little competition.

But least we become complacent, it is important to remember to keep those updates frequent and relevant. Retriever Digital Signage has been designed so that you can change up a slide design in minutes. Fresh inspiration can strike during lunch and the changes can be updated before Terry from Accounting is done with her yogurt. It’s simple and straightforward, so use these features to your advantage!

Keeping your audience engaged is key to the success of any ad campaign, and a key that should be translated for use as a corporate communication tool. As we’ve mentioned before, a static bulletin board often becomes invisible to those it’s intended to communicate simply because it rarely changes. In the same way, your digital signage deserves a regular update. Consistently producing content that is relevant, interesting and timely creates more interest and keeps your viewers coming back for more. This holds true regardless of the location (lobby vs. breakroom) or the target audience (patron vs. employee).

Keeping your Retriever Digital Signage content fresh can also challenge you to keep your RSS feeds up-to-date, your website’s homepage updated and even a witty repartee on Twitter. You’ll discover the news sources that have the most comprehensive feeds to link into your slide show and you’ll quickly discover how much people have come to rely on current weather info! Once you’ve developed a sense for the very basic relevant communication, you can then take it a step beyond and show local deli specials at lunch or traffic patterns at the end of the day.

Relevancy doesn’t mean the same thing from organization to school to business to storefront, but it does connect each viewer to each Retriever Digital Signage message in a powerful way. When content is consistently fresh, it’s interest level increases. Why would you bother to post something that holds little interest to the general audience? You wouldn’t! Instead, as you grow beyond the basics of communication with tv signage, learn to look for what will capture your viewers’ interest with the most up-to-date information! You have the tools, put them to work for your organization and see how effective relevant communication really is!