Color and Contrast

Last week, we talked about the Pantone color of the year and how to incorporate it into your Retriever Digital Signage design. But talking about color wouldn’t be complete without talking about HOW the colors work together.

When designing your slides, you need to consider how readable the color combinations really are. Pantone may say they go well together, but you need to also consider the size of your font and the distance at which the text is read. Additionally the lighting in the room where your tv signage is viewed should also be considered. However, don’t forget with all these extra notes here that the Retriever Digital Signage can be updated  with the click of a button and the changes are integrated into the next cycle. So even if you make a mistake in the design, you can change it.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help clarify the previous paragraph. Don’t overlap areas of complementary colors because it’s difficult for our brains to interpret the different wavelengths of light that they use. This just makes the text harder to read and other visual elements more challenging. In the same vein, overlapping colors with a similar brightness will be difficult to distinguish for most people. This problem becomes more pronounced on LCD screens, because they have the most trouble maintaining high-contrast imagery when the viewer isn’t standing practically in front of the tv signage. To maximize impact and ensure that your viewers can read your slides, check out the sample of color combos below.


We all know black-and-white work well together, but don’t ignore black-and-yellow. There are so many options, just keep in mind the contrast between foreground and background can have a big impact on how easy it is to read content on the screen at a glance. Contrast has a direct impact on readability, which will influence how your viewers recall the information.

Finally, make sure that you consider what each tv signage screen looks like to viewers be they across the aisle, down the hall, on the production floor, or on the other side of your lobby. What looks spectacular on the screen at arm’s length may be a disappointing blur if you move back a few feet or shift your seating by just a few degrees.

For more ideas on spicing up your Retriever Digital Signage slides, check out this post!

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