Business Goals

Connections not To-dos in a Digital World


Your daily to-do list is probably quite long. Between managing your organization’s social media campaigns, scheduling your slide deployment, ensuring firewall effectiveness for your server, not to mention all the details that happen in your day-to-day office routine, your plate is quite full. In the chaos of that list, between all the phone calls and returned emails, it’s very easy to let the relational goals of Retriever Digital Signage fade into the background.

When you determine the locations of the tv signage, you don’t think of  what location is convenient for you. You don’t decide location based on a whim. These decisions are based on careful research and observation. The reason why you’ve chosen to integrate Retriever Digital Signage into your organization, I hope, is to reach  and connect with your viewers in more effective, comprehensive manner. What does comprehensive mean? In this case, comprehensive refers to the ability to reach each of the persons who will be viewing your tv signage. This includes reaching across demographics, race, gender and education to communicate your organization’s goals.

Retriever Digital Signage is designed so that anyone can manage the distribution of the slides. Any member of your organization (with the appropriate clearance) can design slides, schedule their distribution and even select the speed at which the slides rotate. With all the technology at your fingertips, it’s easy to stay in the digital world, but you’ll have a much more successful campaign if you cross over to real world and connect with your viewers. Here are a few reminders for ways to connect with your viewers:

Even though you have a list of goals for your organization, don’t lose the forest for the trees. Remember that the primary goal of tv signage is to connect and inform. So don’t use it as another way to simply check things off a list.

Retriever Digital Signage is a tool that we’ve designed to help you communicate with your viewers in the most impactful manner possible. Set aside the goals that have fiscal outcomes, and move your goal to connect higher on your list of priorities. It’s far too easy to get bogged down with to-do lists and just push messages in one direction. You may have some success with this method, but by making your digital signage a two-way medium you’ll gain much more. Involve your viewers – connect with them – and you’ll find more engagement. This means more understanding, participation and retention from your viewers. And from this success, you’ll find that your messages will actually be communicated with the most impact!