Drive Your Success to the Bank with Digital Signage

Just like any other business, car dealerships need to maximize their ROI through their advertising. According to research, advertising is the third greatest cost for car dealerships, falling in behind payroll and rent. Sales of new cars have fallen in recent years and therefore it is more critical now more than ever for dealerships to explore new advertising options.

car-saleOne of the benefits of Retriever Digital Signage is the the significantly lower cost per impression. The measurement of an ad’s cost-effectiveness, is calculated by by dividing the cost of the advertisement by the number of people who will see it. By placing Retriever Digital Signage throughout your dealership and (if applicable) body shop, you’ll increase your ROI by promoting your sales, deals and even congratulating your employees.

One example of how you could use Retriever Digital Signage would be to set it up in your waiting room. Setting a large screen up in front of some chairs, you have a captive audience for your latest special or rebates! Of course, the Retriever Digital Signage isn’t limited to screens. Our Interactive Kiosks can also benefit your dealership.

While the Retriever Digital Signage uses screens, we can also create a marketing campaign that serves to inform and inspire through Interactive Kiosks. Stationing these specifically programmed by the makes of car you want people to have a taste of prior to taking out for a test drive.

In our world, people are on the road to being desensitized to traditional forms of marketing. We go to the website to learn about the available options and schedule a test drive. We email with the loan companies to see what benefits our credit rating will bring. So when car shopping, people are looking for a more interactive, digital, and exciting method to tell them the perks of the latest model on the lot. By replacing the expected banners, posters and flyers with Retriever Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosks, you have the opportunity to reach your clients where they are the most attentive.

If you are reading this wondering what steps to take with your Retriever Digital Signage, we have a few posts that will answer your questions and inspire your design!

At DRM Productions, we can work with you to design your Retriever Digital Signage slides so that you can maximize on your message to the clients in the market for a new car and expand your brand through a unique digital experience for everyone who sets foot in your dealership!

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