Human Resources

Five Reasons for HR to use Digital Signage


If we learned anything about Human Resources from Michael Scott and the rest of the Office cast, it was certainly that no matter how hard they work, HR employees can really have a challenging job. Between the rushing to handle interoffice matters and the inevitable eye rolling at memos, there has to be a better way to communicate, right? Right. Retriever Digital Signage has five ways to change up how your Human Resources Department relates to the rest of your business.

Get Rid of the Paper: How many times do we have to say it? Paper is out, digital is in. Skip the relentless neon handouts and photocopied memos. Digital signage captures the attention of employees and relays your information in a quick and effective manner. In a world where the smart phone is prime, it’s wise to make sure business communication follow suit.

Update Without Leaving Your Desk: Unless your HR department routinely runs FitBit challenges,  Retriever Digital signage is a key tool in saving the amount of time they spend walking from end to end of your facility on a daily basis. Work time becomes more efficient and HR can actually get what they need to accomplish done.

Real Time Updates: Another benefit to the HR use of Retriever Digital Signage in their communication is simply the speed of which a correction or update can be made. Again, no more wasted time running papers around or apologizing for typos. Instead, updates and corrections can be made from any authorized login and the changes will be made within moments. It doesn’t get much more efficient than that!

Dynamic Content Captivates: How many times have you walked by a bulletin board and not noticed the flyers? Your employees are doing the same thing to all those HR flyers. In today’s digital society, static signage just doesn’t cut it. Retriever Digital Signage slide shows can be customized in so many ways to include your timing, branding and style of choice. Dull, photocopied signage no more!

Truly a Team Effort: Just because we’ve spent the bulk of this post talking about how HR benefits from the dynamic communication of Retriever Digital Signage, it doesn’t mean that we only intend for those employees to use it. Department managers, floor supervisors, team leaders – anyone in a leadership position can have a unique login to handle updates from any computer. With this capability, each department can handle it’s own communication, reducing the burden on an already hectic HR department, no matter how large its numbers.

Retriever Digital Signage is a tool that takes your communication from one-dimensional and dull to something that makes people stop and take note. No body wants to be the Toby Flenderson of their company, but if you insist on keeping communication in the 90s, what else can you expect?