Keeping Warm with Retriever Digital Signage

Retriever Digital Signage is a home grown product from Mansfield, Ohio. Here in Ohio, winter has finally arrived and with that arrival, we’d like to offer a quick tip for your Retriever Digital Signage to help your customers stay warm and feed your bottom line.

Of course, you know to integrate weather slides in your rotation, but how about coordinating some slides to entice those watching the slides toward a cozy product from your business or a complimentary hot chocolate from your organization? Because of our ultra-friendly user interface, changing a slide takes only moments and can be updated with the click of a button. keep warmThe simplest method for doing this would be to sit down and check out the long range forecast for your area and plan slides that would follow the weather announcement that advertise foods and beverages that would be appealing. Campbell’s Soup monitors the weather in areas where they have radio ads. When the “misery index” rises, they ramp up their ads. It’s clearly a smart plan to tie the weather and your ad work together!

For a food service establishment here are a few ideas:

  • Slides with photos of the soups your kitchen offers. Bonus points if you capture a little steam escaping from the bowl!
  • Discount codes for specific hot beverages superimposed on a slide with a list of your warmest, most comforting beverages.
  • If you have the staff/time, keep a running survey of the best sellers through out the day. On Friday, post the results on a slide so newcomers know what the regulars love.
  • At lunch time, run slides with your dinner specials on them. Remind your customers that it’s going to be a chilly, snowy night and they would really enjoy your pot roast and mashed potatoes to take home!

In an office setting, you may need to be a little more creative, as food service isn’t really a part of your day-to-day functions. However, investing in hot cocoa packets and a coffee carafe is a sure-fire method for warming up your patrons while they wait.

Car sales and maintenance can take advantage of this by highlighting their best quality snow tires, windshield wipers and other winter safety products. Highlight the best car wash treatments for areas where cars spend a lot of time driving on salted roads. Not everyone will know right away the best treatment for their car and this is a great method for sales while your customers wait for their snow tires to be put on!

Selling local products? Start planning ahead for next year if you don’t already carry items like thick blankets, scented candles and large mugs. If you can find a local crafter who creates these items, make sure you feature their profile on your Retriever Digital Signage. And of course, slides that contain photos of your cozy products in action, serve to jump start the shoppers’ thought process, even if they didn’t plan on buying soup mugs today!

Using your Retriever Digital Signage in a creative manner is more than just coordinating your slides to reflect branding colors. Thinking about the weather, cold and flu season or even taking advantage of advertising winter weekend specials can become a fun and productive method to communicate with your viewers, whether they are in your establishment looking for a hot meal or waiting in your office a check up!

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