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Building a Playlist? Ask these questions first!


Once your Retriever Digital Signage is installed, you are ready to start your own playlist! This is a time to have fun, get creative and take advantage of your new marketing tools. If you are new to the world of marketing digitally, decisions about what to include or the play order could be daunting. But to save you from that potential drama, here’s a few questions to as yourself while you set up.

The questionnaire

Who is watching?

Knowing your audience is half the battle for any type of marketing, but knowing it with the Retriever Digital Signage as your tool, shows you how to set up your timing for the slides and what kind of additional ads to feature. Older audience = slower paced program and ads for banking. Younger audience = faster pace and an emphasis on social media outlets.

How long are they watching?

Knowing where your Retriever Digital Signage is located, you can plan for the length of time the slides are on the screen and how many slides you can play before repeating them. Waiting rooms allow for a more leisurely readership, whereas in a hallway or elevator bay you need to get that information across… quickly and concisely!

What kind of variety is at your disposal?

Just as you wouldn’t want to put slide after slide of bland information up on your Retriever Digital Signage screens, you want to make sure that the lineup on your slideshow has plenty of variety. Try to put 2 or 3 slides in between videos. Use videos that are just animation (like the weather) AND videos that have people in them.

What does your audience want to learn most?

Knowing your audience gives you the power to bring them the information they are interested in. You wouldn’t advertise for a retirement community if your business caters primarily to college students! If your Retriever Digital Signage is viewed mostly by employees, company specific information is your best bet. Customers want to read about the weather, local events and other sales in the area.

These are simple questions, but they are ones that can help you narrow down the information you wish to share with your viewers. Asking yourself these four questions can make the difference between a playlist that simply informs and a playlist that impacts.