Going Digital – Menu Boards


Every night while we watch tv, the air waves are punctuated with advertisements for food. And then  suddenly, I know what I want for supper on Saturday night. The visual, complete with gooey cheese or sizzling steak, makes the decision for me.  It chooses the restaurant and my meal without much difficulty.

In the same manner, digital signage in a dining establishment can help your patrons make their decisions.  Placing your featured products in a stylish, smart, digital menu board can increase their interest in the print menu offerings. Using the Retriever as a digital menu board, you can showcase a steaming bowl of your signature soup, the fresh ingredients that you locally source for your side dishes or the fluffy whipped cream on your homemade apple pie. By using this type of visual advertisement, you create not only interest for your menu items, but a desire!

Why is this such an effective method? In today’s day and age, consumers are looking for the relevancy of your establishment.  They want someone to show them what is offered, without having to look over the shoulders of the other patrons to observe their meals. Using the digital menu boards, you give your patrons a polished, high-tech visual of your offerings and you give yourself the ease of updating the Retriever with your new specials, pricing and relevant news with the click of your mouse!

Not only does the digital menu board make your job easier, it expands your reach with the patrons. As is easily observed in any bar, food court or restaurant with televisions tuned to the news or sports – people are drawn to screens. The screen can give you the option to engage your patrons with more menu offerings, sales, theme nights or even background on your establishment’s history.  The digital menu board aids your wait staff or cashiers by capturing the interest of those who are waiting to order. They are kept engaged and entertained, which also serves to increase their loyalty to your brand!

With Retriever digital signage, you can take those advertising connections you always want to make through traditional methods and bring them right under your roof.  And now that they’re in your seats, you’ve got the best opportunity to showcase your mouth-watering specialities!

Jay Miller

Jay Miller

Jay Miller is the CEO of DRM Productions and the original developer of Retriever. Working primarily on the sales side of the business, Jay has been using his creative skills to help clients communicate for years. Outside of work, Jay has a passion for learning and is constantly challenging himself to develop new hobbies and interests.