Higher Ed

Digital Signage and the Student


Retriever Digital Signage is a powerful method for communication to the whole population of a college or university. When students arrive on campus, they rely on orientation to introduce them to the campus and it’s events. The problem remains that new students are frequently occupied with their new social lives and neglect to learn the ropes, therefore the orientation information is lost in their already overwhelmed minds.

Information is best served in small portions and if it can served via an electronic medium, it becomes all the more appealing. Students desire access to information at a moment’s notice and the draw of tv signage captures their attention; reaching out to students using electronic media can help ensure their success and support their need to feel independent.

Using Retriever Digital Signage, campus maps can be placed about the campus, aiding students and visitors as they travel location to location. On alternating slides, information about events, student organizations, important dates {drop/add dates, tuition schedules, etc.} and building hours. Slides that include weather and global news help to keep students and visitors alike feeling connected with the world outside the campus perimeter.

Including RSS feeds and social media from campus organizations encourages students to get involved with events and engage with their peers. Using the Retriever Digital Signage you can create an information network that keeps the students and visitors apprised of campus life in an efficient and up-to-date manner.

Because of how the Retriever Digital Signage interface is structured, departments and organizations on campus would be able access and create their own informative slides. No one person on campus would have to shoulder the burden of organizing and creating the slides. Establish basic content guidelines to maintain consistency. Individual slides are visible for an average of 10 seconds, and it is important they don’t become overly wordy.

If individual access to the Retriever Digital Signage network is impractical for your school, a solution could be to designate the slide responsibilities to the graphic design students. Retriever Digital Signage slides are created by our team of graphic designers – think of the experience as a sort of internship for the students!

Communication is key no matter what campus you are on. Students, faculty and visitors all need to know what is going on – not only on campus, but in the world around them. Retriever Digital Signage can help take your educational institution from flyers stapled on bulletin boards, to vibrant, informative and engaging tv signage that communicates your message without worry that it will blow away in the wind.