Business Goals

Digital Organization – Not just for Springtime anymore!


With each season comes the desire for fresh content and now is certainly the time to step back and evaluate your Retriever Digital Signage messages for efficacy in communication. Just as it is easy to get in a rut with your own daily habits, it’s a slippery slope in your digital communications. Taking a seasonal inventory will afford you the opportunity to really assess your digital strategy and refresh your backgrounds, fonts, graphics and redirect your effort to reach your readers.

If you don’t already have a specific outline for your communication goals, here are four basic objectives to compare your current messages against:

  • Does it capture the audience’s attention?
  • Is the information you want to convey done so clearly?
  • Do your messages motivate the audience to take the action you hope?
  • Do the messages on your Retriever Digital Signage encourage your readers to come back for more information?

Once you know what you want to review your messages for, choose a block of time within the last 3 months to evaluate. We recommend drawing content from your slides to evaluate that were shown on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Now you can take these next three categories and hold your messages up to them for a clearer view of their use.

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  • Are your individual messages stylish and eye-catching?
  • Do the colors, fonts and graphics look cohesive on each message?
  • Does the design of your message enhance the information you hope to convey?


  • Are there any outstanding themes in your message designs? (i.e. Do you tend toward using only one color family or the same fonts on all your slides?)
  • Do the messages flow well from slide to slide within the presentation?
  • Is there enough variety and interest to capture your viewers’ attention quickly?


  • Do those watching your messages actually pay attention to them?
  • Do they respond to the actions you suggest within the message?
  • Do you see an increase in the interaction between yourself or your employees and your patrons?

If you’ve read through these suggestions and answered “no” to any number of the questions, you’re due for a content cleaning! Even your standard messages need to be refreshed from time to time, so don’t forget those slides while you reassess. Getting your audience’s attention is just the first step in communication, keeping their attention is the rest of the journey.

If you need design ideas for your Retriever Digital Signage, don’t forget that we have templates provided for all our “dog owners” at no additional cost or you can always contact us for custom slide presentations! Remember to keep your content fresh and applicable to your audience and you’ll always have something to hold their attention while they are in your business, and give them something to think about when they aren’t!