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Does Your Digital Signage…?


When we created Retriever, we did it with our customers in mind. In fact, we did it because we saw the need among our existing customers, so every aspect of our Retriever system was made with the user in mind.

While we’re certainly not the only digital signage solution on the market, we believe we’re among the best simply because we deeply understand you, and your needs.

That said, our ultimate aim is for you to be happy with your communication strategy, so if you’re shopping for digital signage solutions, it’s important that you know what to look for. It can be a little overwhelming to weigh the benefits and features of the various options on the market and make the right decision for your business.

Relevant Content, Included

Don’t let your digital signage become static signage by not leveraging its full potential. Digital signage is an effective solution because it’s visually engaging and has the capacity to have engaging, fresh content every day (and throughout the day!) to ensure that eyeballs are regularly and repeatedly paying attention.

If you have digital signage and are simply cycling through a slideshow of static images or text, then your tool isn’t living up to its potential.


Automated publishing and unpublishing is key to keeping your signage relevant and engaging. If something’s outdated and is showing up, instead of sending the message you want to communicate, you’re telling your viewers that this sign is irrelevant to them. Inevitably, though, your team will be too busy to remember to take something down, and there’s no reason that they should have to. Your digital signage should easily be scheduled to publish and unpublish so you have the right message, every day.

Ease of Use

Yes, we live in the age of technology, but we believe that as technology advances, so should the user experience. If you’re tech savvy, that’s awesome, but the reality is that ease of use on the software and hardware side should be universally palatable for everyone of every age and ability. If you can type in a word processor, that should be enough to manage digital signage.

Digital signage that is simple to set up, update and navigate means that anyone can be tasked with managing it, and it doesn’t have to become the responsibility of the IT department (or the person who’s become the self-appointed IT professional in your office).

If you’re making a decision about what digital signage is the right option for you, we want to help you find the best option. We’ve created a free downloadable comparison sheet comparing a variety of options on the market – feature for feature – to help you make an informed, smart decision.

Download the Digital Signage Comparison Sheet

Colleen Cook

Colleen Cook

Colleen Cook works full-time as the Director of Operations at Vinyl Marketing in Ashland, Ohio, where she resides with her husband Mike and three young daughters. She's an insatiable extrovert who enjoys finding reasons to gather people.