How to Integrate Point of Sale Slides and Increase Customer Loyalty


The last time you visited a restaurant, did your eyes catch and stay on the screens above the bar? Are you like me and have to sit facing those screens?  I can barely keep up with the conversation because I am completely mesmerized by the signs in front of me, and according to the 2013 third-quarter Nielsen’s Digital Place-Based Video Report, ad recall for a Point of Sale (POS) style digital signage is typically in the 60% range; more than twice the average recall for static signs! This explains why you and I can remember the exact color of the topping on a cake advertised on a digital signage menu board and yet we have to review the dessert card on the table four times just to remember that the options are cake or pie.

This is a simple method to integrate Retriever Digital Signage into your eatery. Bright images and captivating words in front of your patrons while they enjoy your food serves to increase their interest in what they can eat next – either for dessert or on their next visit. And while you’re doing all your food and drink promotion, don’t forget to ad a slide that talks about your loyalty program! Encourage repeat business through your food’s taste and presentation, sure, but don’t forget the power suggestion through what you have displayed on your Retriever Digital Signage screens!

Offer a coupon to your patrons by using the Retriever Digital Signage to show trivia slides! Viewers read the slide and answer the question via a QR code. Correct answers win them a percentage off their appetizer, or take all the answers and put them into a drawing for a gift certificate.

Celebrate your employees with your Retriever Digital Signage! Employee of the month, college graduation, marriage, and new baby. All of these events deserve a moment of recognition that will go a long way toward building your company’s internal strength and keep your patrons feeling like they belong there… as a part of the family.

Perhaps your business is a trendy coffee shop and you are wondering how you could incorporate the Retriever Digital Signage into your space? Many local artists and bands would gladly purchase advertising space from you. This keeps your peg boards clear of dozens of paper flyers, brings your advertisement system into the 21st century AND affords you extra revenue through the ad sales to the artist/band. You can also wrap your screens in a wooden frame to give it a more artistic appearance or blend into your shop decor.

Decorating your shopfront can be an expensive and labor intensive event, especially if you try to keep it updated often. Placing screens for the Retriever Digital Signage in those front windows, in lieu of typical banners or even neon signs, gives you the opportunity to send your marketing to the public without even setting foot outside your building. Never underestimate the power of an image of a steaming bowl of soup to downtown shoppers as the weather cools and people are trying to get their shopping done before the holiday crush.

Your business naturally becomes a piece of you and as such, it needs to reflect who you are as a company. Use the unique qualities of your patrons and your menu to choose your Retriever Digital Signage location and focus. Put it to work for you advertising your specials, loyalty programs and local events. Keep your patrons entertained while they wait, after all they are there for your special food products, why not make that down time a pleasant experience?