Business Goals

Four Spring Goals for Digital Signage


Are you planning your goals for the second quarter of 2016? While you organize your plans, keep in mind these four goals to help you maximize your communication!

Attract: Regardless of your message, the primary goal should always be to attract people to view it. For your organization, this might mean swapping out the background on your slides or adding new graphics to emphasize your point. Take a week to watch how people view your tv signage, perhaps you’ll need to change up the order of your slide show or, if possible, even the location of the screen.

Explain: Can you make your information any more clear and concise? Remember the the slides don’t stay on the screen for longer than 10 seconds, so be quick with your explanation.

Convince: Don’t stop at explaining, your Retriever Digital Signage can also be used to convince viewers of your point of view. Remember that it’s purpose replaces the bulletin boards of old and those were often used to convince readers of a particular cause or take an action.

Entertain: We aren’t picking backgrounds based on the colored copy paper that’s available, so now that you’ve gone through your tv signage playlist with the first three goals, think of ways you can bring more entertainment into your slides! You can include RSS feeds, news, entertainment and sports updates or even triva/jokes. Use your creativity!