Retriever Users

Managing your Queue with the Retriever


In  survey by TTV Marketing, digital signage is now used in some way in 78% of businesses. Half of those businesses plan to increase their digital signage budgets this year alone. Why? Because in the same survey, TTV Marketing found that the recall rate of digital signage was 52%! Compared to the next highest, television at 32%, I think it has been established that digital signage has captured the proverbial corner on the market when it comes to efficacy!

If you are wondering how the Retriever Digital Signage could improve your business, queue management is one of the best and most appreciated benefits. You control the slides on your Retriever Digital Signage so that what is communicated is timely and gets to the right audience when you want it to.

How can Retriever Digital Signage improve you Queue management? Here are three examples!

  • It Occupies: by offering entertainment to the pass the time and draw attention away from the wait itself, Retriever Digital Signage makes the occupied time feel shorter than time spent unoccupied in the same line. Perceived wait times can be reduced by as much as 35%!
  • It Informs: Retriever Digital Signage can communicate how long customers should expect to wait by informing them which number is being served and other real-time events tailored to your business.
  • It Sells: According to research by Digital Signage Today, 4 out of 5 product brands experience significant increase of additional sales through the use of digital signage by up to 33%!

DRM Productions can help you choose the right Retriever Digital Signage package for your business based on the location(s) you want to use. Then, it’s up to you to choose the content that best highlights your brand, and schedule fresh information to be communicated on a regular basis. Taking advantage of the digital nature of our Retriever Digital Signage you can keep you quality high and interesting!

In study by FedEx Office, they determined that nearly seven of ten customers have purchased a product or service because the sign caught their eye. Using your Retriever Digital Signage, you can strategize how to boost your product or service awareness and make a call to action by posting specials, loyalty programs or other incentives. Because the Retriever Digital Signage offers timely and relevant information, your customers can stay engaged throughout their time in your business and therefore drive your impulse sales!

Retriever Digital Signage offers you a solution that is centralized, customizable and able to be integrated with your queue management. It can coordinate and manage your content for all displays from one central login. Your customers will receiver accurate, to-the-minute information about the products, sales and services you offer. Through our system, you will be able to create a variety of unlimited playlists to distribute based your preferences and needs.

Ultimately, Retriever Digital Signage is a tool for your queue management that can not be ignored! The ability to display information and expected wait times is a valuable tool for obtaining and then retaining a satisfied customer base. And that success is what directly affects your company’s bottom line!