Digital Signage

Now what?


So you have your brand-spanking new Retriever Digital Signage all set up, your slides are running and people are commenting on how it brightens up your business with it’s newness, but now what do you do?

The whole point of using digital signage is to open up pathways for communication that is dynamic and clear. For you, as the business owner, this means you get a high volume of messages for a low cost of creation and distribution. Why not use this technology as a way to expand your profits? Generate revenue by advertising for partner companies or other small businesses in your area to add to your content and offset the cost of your system.

By developing guidelines for file types, sizes and content; the process for submission, approval and invoicing you can create a partner program that will benefit you financially, but also create a deeper community within your local businesses!

Where would you even begin to look for those partners? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Local event promotions for trade shows or conferences
  • Theater auditions and productions – ticket pricing and availability.
  • Vendor partner ads that feature products and specials
  • Businesses that offer discounts to students, vets and teachers
  • Local eateries that offer loyalty specials for coffee or lunch purchases
  • Organizational merchandise (logo wear, etc.) providers
  • Anyone who has a message that your audience would appreciate!

Since you are still in control of approval, design, scheduling and delivery of additional advertisement, your company will retain the sole rights to your audience’s contact information. Is is wise to discourage spam email campaigns or bulk email by transitions those advertisers to your Retriever Digital Signage. Yes. I do mean that you can contact the company directly and sell ad space to them. The cost of a slide on your signage could be less costly than their print and mail pricing, so of course don’t forget to mention that!

When you talk to potential advertisers, be sure to consider:

  • Typical audience volume (include an average number of visitors as well)
  • Number of Retriever Digital Signage displays throughout your space
  • Slide frequencies (For example: If you have 294 students and teachers and 4 signage units on campus for an average of 20 days a week, and your ad runs 4 times during the lunch period alone, you have the potential of 94,080 exposures to the ad in a month!)

Regardless of whether you reap a profit or simply offset your own costs, by partnering up with other companies to support their advertisements, you will provide quality, informative and controlled advertising to your audience!