Digital Signage

How Digital Communication can Save Your Organization Money


Take just a moment to look around you – the digital world is growing ever closer to our physical world. Even our doctor’s appointments can be scheduled digitally these days, so why would you keep your organization in the dark ages and continue the use of print communication?

Print communication is not engaging. It never really was. We only thought those neon flyers with neat-o clip art was engaging. It can be eye-catching, but it won’t keep you engaged. Paper can only do so much when it comes to getting the message out and honestly, it’s better relegated to your stationary drawer with the stamps.

Retriever Digital Signage is the solution to the bland communication. Instead of buying reams of paper for your flyers, you can make an investment into digital signage and reap the benefits through long term digital communications. Having a signage unit set up in your organization is a simple step into the world of digital communication. Once the unit is set up, your unique login to the Retriever allows you to have access to a server that is filled with information and pre-made slides to use in your own displays.

You don’t need to hire anyone specific to handle the displays for your Retriever Digital Signage. We provide the training and support, you just need the inspiration for your message. Digital signage as your method of communication relieves the recurring costs for printing and distribution.

An added bonus to Retriever Digital Signage users, beyond the lower costs and ease of use, is the real time updates. Did you spell something wrong? Time for the staff meeting has changed? Login, change the information, and on the next slide rotation the updates are visible. No more wasted time making corrections on print or walking around trying to catch each employee on their lunch break.

Retriever Digital Signage takes your communication from bland to captivating. Combining the ease of use, the resources and the money savings and the creative opportunities that are afforded to you through the use of digital signage in your organization, you can realize true effective communication!