Small Business

When one size isn’t the right size


If you’re a small business owner, you understand how important it is to make sure your patrons feel they are getting your full service. You also understand how challenging it can be to balance all the different needs that enter your business. As a growing business or one that is already reaching a large number of patrons on a daily basis, your focus will have to change to suit those needs. Retriever Digital Signage is a tool that can not only aid you in meeting your patrons’ needs, but also help you zero in on their attention spans so you can make the most contact for your dime.

Depending on where your Retriever Digital Signage is located in your building, office, shop or eatery, you will have differing audience attention spans. This post is here to help you make good decisions on the layout you choose for your slides based on your patrons’ viewing environment. There are three basic types of viewing audiences for digital signage and each has its own effective layout.

The Glancer

  • Since this viewer sees your Retriever Digital Signage as they pass by, you only have 1-30 seconds to make an impact.
  • Your Retriever Digital Signage screen is posted in a hallway or elevator bay; people are only walking by with little opportunity to stop and watch your signage.
  • Best layout option: 1-block layout with short, graphic messages only. Current weather conditions or news bites are also good ideas.

The Pause-and-Observe

  • This viewer is less mobile due to waiting in line or waiting for a turn, so you have their attention for 30 seconds to two minutes!
  • This Retriever Digital Signage display should be posted near a check-out or waiting/reception area with high turnover.
  • Best layout option: 1 or 2-block layout. You can add slides with the weather, news, short Flash videos, graphic messages and even a ticker. This is also a good option for displaying the date and time.

The Relaxed Reader

  • This final category of viewer has the greatest amount of time to read, so you’ve got their attention for up to 30 minutes!
  • In this case, Retriever Digital Signage is displayed in cafeterias, break rooms, lounges, hospital waiting rooms or any reception with seating.
  • Best layout option: 2 or 3-block layout. Because the length of time these viewers will be watching your Retriever Digital Signage, there is no restriction on the type of content or layout! Live video, news, weather, information, how-tos, loyalty programs, tickers and just plain fun content… there are so many options to choose from to keep your patrons interested and engaged.

Whether you are a small business or a major corporation, Retriever Digital Signage can help you reach your patrons where they are within your building and as effectively as possible for the amount of time they are focused on your screens!