Three Reasons Your Store Should Use Digital Signage


It comes as no surprise to any retail business that times have changed. Customers shop differently today than they did in any previous decade. Your store now not only competes with your local competitors, it’s a part of a worldwide marketplace that exists online simultaneously with your physical storefront. Your customers make decisions about your product and whether they’re ready to buy before they every walk through your doors. So, how do you position your employees as relational experts rather than pushy salespeople?

We believe that Retriever Digital Signage is the key to rescuing your relationships with your customers and maximizing profits for your retail business. Here are three ways adopting Retriever screens into your storefront will help you:

1. Educate 

The twenty-first century buyer is looking to your store to be the expert in your field. Essentially, if you know the most about your product, then it’s a fair assumption for your customer that your product will be of high quality. People are willing to pay marginally more for quality items. While you can and should tell your customers that your items are quality, demonstrating your expertise and teaching your customers allows them to draw the conclusion that you are the expert, resulting in a deeper belief in that fact.

Your Retriever screens are an ideal channel to educate. You can create simple slides or videos with expert tips and tricks. For example, a clothing boutique could use their Retrievers to showcase slides or videos with laundering tips, outfit suggestions, style guides, and upcoming trends. Bonus: you can utilize the same content on your social media platforms or in your email marketing campaigns!

2. Entertain 

Entertaining your customers is one of the best ways to improve their overall experience in your store. It’s the same reason you have music playing over your sound system, you carefully consider your employee uniform, your interior design, and some stores even utilize scent marketing to engage their customers – a great buyer experience has everything to do with aesthetics.

We’ve made it easy for our Retriever clients to entertain their customers with pre-built trivia, news headlines, weather reports, and more. Get creative and have fun with photos and videos that will delight your customers. Pro-tip: if it works well for you on social media, it’ll play well on your Retrievers. Just make sure whatever you use is highly visual and readable at a distance.

3. Advertise

When you have sales and promotions going on, your biggest challenge is to communicate those to your customer in an effective but low-pressure way that invites them to engage without coming across as pushy or “sales-y.” Digital signage perfectly lends itself to in-store advertising because it’s highly visual, simply updated, cost and labor effective. If you’re part of a larger company, your signage can be synced across numerous locations and scheduled alongside your promotional calendar. If your store is a small business, you can create beautiful and customized digital slides without hiring a graphic designer to stay on brand.

We’d love to help you engage your customers in an ideal buyer experience. Let’s have a conversation – click here to send us an email to set up a time.

Colleen Cook

Colleen Cook

Colleen Cook works full-time as the Director of Operations at Vinyl Marketing in Ashland, Ohio, where she resides with her husband Mike and three young daughters. She's an insatiable extrovert who enjoys finding reasons to gather people.