Small Business

Personalizing with Retriever Digital Signage


When I shop, I seek out the small business.  Generally speaking, I’ve already scoped them out and know what they offer.  I look for these shops and companies because I want to support my neighbors and my friends.  As a long-time Richland county resident, I’ve gotten to observe the changes in our businesses first hand as they take steps to personalize the in-store experience.

When I stand in line at Wayne’s Country Market’s deli counter, I look around.  I see other people in line observing their surroundings; reading the signs on the deli case, looking up at the employees behind the counter and finally locking in on the Retriever Digital Signage on the wall.  I watch the customers look up from their lists, catch the sales and add items to their carts.  And I follow suit. Prior to the addition of their Retriever Digital Signage, I would walk away from the deli counter without purchasing items on my list because the sales weren’t obvious.

Today, I can stand in Wayne’s Country Market see first hand how they used Retriever Digital Signage to personalize the shopping in their market. From what I said previously, their in-store displays weren’t effective… management recognized this need and sought out a change in their advertisement. After researching their options, they were able to settle on Retriever Digital Signage and have been able to use it to their advantage in the time since it’s installation.

Typically, when you consider adding a new method to your store or business, you need to verify the success.  How do you do that? You look at the big companies like Target; their ads are all over the store and in some stores on screens all over the building. By observing your larger competition you can glean from their success. Using this method, you can decide how to best implement your new display and then track it’s effectiveness for your own business!

The benefit of owning your own business is that you get to keep your fingers on the pulse of your customers.  This brings you an advantage as you decide where to place Retriever Digital Signage in your shop; you know where the prime viewing and what you need to showcase on your slides. Above all, you have the ultimate personalization of your advertising with the control you are afforded with the Retriever Digital Signage software.