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Simple Value in Updates


On this blog, we frequently stress how important it is to keep up with the tech changes around us so that your organization can stay at the forefront of communication and relevancy. Retriever Digital Signage can help you achieve that goal. Once you get people in the doors of your building(s), Retriever Digital Signage will take care of keeping them engaged and informed. But how do you get them in your doors?

A fresh, updated website can be just the right tool to bring in both old and new faces. Creating a website, changing up the colors, adding information about your loyalty program, updating your menu options – all of these steps are key in creating interest in your organization.

A fresh website, along with an active social media presence helps to keep your name in the eyes and minds of your target audience. Having a website with interactive portions serves not only to increase interest in your product or services, but serves to present your professional image in a manner that shows how invested your organization is in keeping up with the times.

Richland Soil and Water Conservation District(SWCD) is a prime example of how an updated website can increase interest. Their previous website had been defunct for several years and DRM Productions created them a new site entirely from scratch. When creating the new website, they added interactive maps for precipitation and watershed data. In so doing, the people who come into Richland SWCD with questions about local drainage or erosion concerns are now able to follow along from their own homes. They don’t need an ecology degree to keep up with the data provided and make informed decisions about their own land management needs.

This new website offers opportunities for locals to be educated through the resources Richland SWCD provides, but also to participate in the volunteer positions as well. For any lay person who holds an interest in volunteering, all the answers can be found right on the website. The website links directly to the organization’s Facebook page and those who enter the physical building are now able to put what they’ve learned online into a connection with the services Richland SWCD offers.

This is an example of the simplest benefits an up-to-date, modern website can have for your organization. Just like how DRM Productions can fit your organization for the Retriever Digital Signage package that’s right for you, they can also build your organization’s website to suit your needs. From a basic landing page that outlines your hours and menu, to a site that helps visitors plan their visit to the area, DRM can create what will best serve your organization and bring the dividends you always hoped for.