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Reaching goals through digital signage


When you lay out your business model, every facet is designed to lay the groundwork that will build up your company’s success.  For every option you consider for your advertising plans, you must determine the your ultimate goal.  Is it to increase your patronage? Engage an audience or staff? Or are you selling a service or product?  Once you know your business objectives, you can choose the method that will bring you the best dividends.

The reason why you’re looking out for your advertising options is because you have a unique business model for your company. As you choose the specific plans for your company, you’ll be considering the skills of your staff, the available time on your hands, and where your reach will be.  It’s a complex job, running a company!  But because you’re the one running the company, you’re the one with the finger on the pulse of business and you can see how digital signage could be the answer to your goals.

If your goal is make check out in your retail store more efficient, you could add self-service checkouts for your customers to use and then station your employees to assist and be the personal touch that would otherwise be lost.  By integrating digital signage into your checkout method, you can modernize it enough so that while your business is set apart, it is still a place where people want to be.

Using digital signage you could create an interactive tour of your inventory; showing where certain items of your stock are located.  Let’s say you own a greenhouse.  Stationing kiosks around your building, it would be a great assets to have the locations of different types of the plants and flowers in your possession, plus tips on where to plant and how to care for them.  Typically speaking, small businesses aren’t able to support a large staff of employees, but using digital signage, you can increase your contact with patrons and reduce the odds of one leaving with unanswered questions.

Everything in our world is changing to support a more technical emphasis. Because of this so many people are glued to their phones or tablets during any moment of downtime.  Using digital signage in your shop or business, you can effectively capture their attention to inform and entertain.  Rather than them spending time waiting at the deli counter for their number to be called scrolling through their social media feeds, they could note the digital signage strategically placed by the number tickets.  Their attention is captured and they are soon alerted to the sale you have on milk and bananas which reminds them of a desire for cereal and bananas tonight.

Generally speaking, all companies have the goal to sell or promote a service.  When you are successful at reaching this goal, the end product is growth.  Using digital signage, you can give your customers simple, clear information about your product/services without adding any extra hassle on your on your end. And in today’s world economy, that’s a deal none of us can afford to pass up!

Jay Miller

Jay Miller

Jay Miller is the CEO of DRM Productions and the original developer of Retriever. Working primarily on the sales side of the business, Jay has been using his creative skills to help clients communicate for years. Outside of work, Jay has a passion for learning and is constantly challenging himself to develop new hobbies and interests.