Taking the Church Bulletin Digital


In the 90s, a church that used a projector and screen to share any sort of information was rare, cutting edge even. But this is 2016. If you aren’t sharing your information in a digital format, you might as well put the shoulder pads back in your Sunday pant suit.

Digital signage doesn’t have to intimidating. That’s why we created the Retriever. Your church doesn’t have to have a tech department to create the slides or run the presentation. Set up the slide show and let it run on a tv screen in your lobby throughout the service.

Is your church bigger? Do you have a tech guy? Expand your slide show. Include updates from recent mission trips or food deliveries. Share your memory verse of the month, upcoming Sunday school events or highlight a volunteer of the week. Share logins with members of your staff and share the responsibility.

Within a church, the pastors and ministry members have to work as a team and Retriever Digital Signage is no exception. It takes just minutes to put together a slide, but giving each ministry team the opportunity to head up their own slide content and creation.

One more detail to point out that benefits a church setting: change or add a new slide and it is updated in the next rotation. If your church chooses to keep their Retriever in a central location, you can update it as needed throughout the service with childcare tag numbers. No more sending a teenager to hunt through the pews for the parent of a child who didn’t come with a diaper bag!

All pastors want to communicate with impact. Let us help you move your bulletin announcements to something with a little more interest.