Digital Signage

How-Tos go Digital


No matter how you are using your Retriever Digital Signage in your company, there are always ways to spice up your content. But there are only so many tidbits and fun applications that you can share, so a great way to keep the interest is to host a series of “how-tos”. Instead of the usual methods to introduce information, you can utilize the bullet point to get your point across quickly and add value to your communications.

When you use your Retriever Digital Signage to relay information as useful advice, you turn the tables on your viewers. Instead of pushing information on them, you’ll pique their interest to find out what the next item on the list is thereby increasing loyalty and viewership. Using the bullet points to offer information, you’ll present your company as a valuable resource for your clients. Your credibility increases with each view as people will want to read what you have to share next!

Choose topics from your company’s everyday operations. People love learning new things. Mix in some of the best practices or tips for regular days and you’ve hooked their interest. You’re now their reliable and entertaining source of information! Consider your audience. Because although, you run your own business and can always find something else to tell your clients, you don’t have to limit your information to just your niche! What subjects are relevant to your clients? How can you else serve them by offering something new to learn?

  • Safety tips – everyone could use these! Safety can be used in many ways, but don’t forget seasonal tips and weather related safety!
  • Study habits – odds are, you’ll have clients who are either in school or know someone who is. Post your study tips around midterms and finals as people are always hungry for the grade then!
  • Recipes – Perhaps your clients know how to cook, but do they know how to integrate gluten-free options? Do they know where to find grass-fed beef? Find niche information and share it!
  • Technology – a review of the latest apps is always well received.
  • Community resources – posting a list of local resources, classes and events is a great way to not only inform your clients, but encourage community!

Remember that instead of posting a bunch of topics all at once, publish one “how-to” or “list” message every few days. Don’t bombard your clients with too much! It’s better to show your messages for 12-15 seconds at a time and then rotate that information through your slides frequently throughout the day. If you have a series, or complex instructions, you can also use the Retriever Digital Signage to refer your readers to you company website for the full story.

Above all, keep the knowledge you want to share relevant and entertaining!