Business Goals

Turn Your First Impressions into ROI


Retriever Digital Signage affords you the opportunity to make that first impression dozens of times in a day. Version 2.0 has even faster turn around from slide input to slide display, so in even less time you can determine the return on your investment and make adjustments as needed.

Do you realize that with each viewer, you have another opportunity to make a first impression? Because of the fluid nature of Retriever Digital Signage, you can refresh and refocus as often as needed. Each time a viewer is exposed to a static message, they run the risk of becoming immune. However, if you refresh the font, the color, the backgrounds on a regular basis, you can escape invisibility with this marketing tool. Monitor the location of your screens throughout the day. As you note the number of people who pass by them and note when each piece of content is displayed. Using this simple method, you’ll be able to determine how many unique impressions are made in a day. We recommend doing this at least once per fiscal quarter so that adjustments can be made to your marketing plans. Additionally, the impressions made have a chance to be fresh and retained for longer.

What defines retention? How is it determined? Traditionally, reviewing the information with your viewers through survey is a very popular method. How many people notice and take advantage of the information in the slides? If your Retriever Digital Signage is geared toward employees, are you having less difficulty getting them to follow policies or schedules posted via tv signage? Pen and paper surveys aren’t the easiest to gather your information from, so if it all possible, take advantage of technology and use an online survey to gather information without the hassle of confronting your audience. Retention results in viewers who not only remember what your signage is purposing to communicate, but are anxious to follow through with what you’ve asked of them.

What did you ask of them? Did you remind them about your new loyalty program? Or did you ask your employees to update their information prior to tax season? Whatever you challenge your viewers with, make sure that you have an incentive that will inspire them. It is advisable to connect with the viewers and ask them to actually make contact with a manager (or another employee) to complete one step of your call to action. By having the actual contact with management you’ve got a gauge of their interest and how well your message was retained.

Once you’ve gathered this information, determining how you make those first impressions becomes a matter of creativity. You know how to reach your audience, where to place those screens, and what you want to say. Now, take the Retriever 2.0 and turn those first impressions into something that will bring you a return on your investment that is worth the time and effort you’ve put into it!