Digital Signage

Using Digital Signage to Enhance Your Emergency Alert System

Laura | January 19, 2016

It’s not earth-shattering news that the world we live in is one filled with upheaval and crisis. Try as any administration might, sometimes, the safety protocols don’t work out and the crisis goes from a theory to one that is a terrifying reality. Be it an armed gunman in the school or a tornado headed straight for your building, Retriever Digital Signage can be used to communicate quickly and efficiently without creating panic.

Because tv signage is a simple method for mass communication, it can be an excellent tool to add to your organization’s emergency plans. Don’t have emergency plans? The U.S. Small Business Association has checklists to help your organization get started with building safety kits and escape routes. There’s never a “good” time to be under prepared and with all the effort you’ve poured into your organization, business, school or church, protecting your investment is always a wise decision.

As you prepare your emergency plans and corresponding Retriever Digital Signage slideshow, keep in mind that all leadership should be kept undated on your plans. Not only should they know the general safety protocols and escape routes, it is also helpful for them to know how to access your Retriever Digital Signage in case they are ones who are charge at the moment of crisis.

Because crises happen every day and are often unforeseen, it’s imperative that you not wait to make your plans. The more informed your staff is about the safety protocol and procedures, the less stress they will feel in the actual time of need. By default, the confidence that your staff will have because of your advance planning will run off onto those patrons in the building. Confidence in an organization creates loyalty.

As you create the slides to be displayed during an emergency event, remember that part of the effectiveness is the visibility of your not only your screens, but display on them as well. To that end, even though we recommend keeping with your organization’s branding as much as possible, when it comes to emergency communications, make sure those slides stand out. Change up the colors, font and style.

Take the time to properly train multiple employees in how to update your tv signage in the event the usual point person is not available. And set up a back up plan in the event the power goes out! Perhaps the most important thing to mention in this post is that while Retriever Digital Signage is fast and effective at communication in the event of an emergency, it should not be used as your sole method of communication. While you are planning and training for the case of an emergency, be sure to also have a non-technological solution to emergency communication. It’s always better safe than sorry!