Digital Hallelujahs


Growth and change is inevitable in any group of people; and churches are no exception. In the 90s, it was considered huge if you were integrating power point into your services to share worship lyrics and sermon points. Today, we have another option for you: Retriever Digital Signage.

Many churches are finding it wasteful today to continue printing a bulletin each week as people are so used to reading on digital devices that they will throw their copy away before even looking at it. Ipads and other tablets are replacing Bibles and notebooks in the congregants’ hands. And many are convinced that these changes are necessary not just to accommodate today’s lifestyles, but to also remove the generational barriers so they can continue to grow. So it makes sense, really, to integrate Retriever Digital Signage into your church.

Sign placement is truly up to your church structure and flow. Signage in the restrooms and sitting areas, outside the nursery and children’s classrooms, and the lobbies of your church are great places to start. But let’s not stop there! If your church also plays host to community events, Upward sporting events and meetings, you may also want to consider Retriever Digital Signage in those rooms as well.

But what about the ads? Is it tacky to sell ad space in a church venue? Well, how many people in your congregation would gladly sign up for the opportunity to advertise their business or services to people they sit in a room with on a weekly basis, but might not know personally? If your youth group needs to raise interest in a fundraiser, use the signage to inform and capture people’s interest. Because your church board or staff is charge of the content, you hold the control of how the information is presented. So to answer you question about the ads? No, this is your opportunity to create a deeper community within your church body.

The Retriever Digital Signage can deliver multiple messages far more effectively than traditional bulletins and inserts, tastefully incorporating the screens into the church’s structure and decor. The greater majority of congregants spend a mere two hours in the church on a average week, so it is vitally important to get as much information communicated as quickly as possible. Retriever Digital Signage is dynamic, so content delivery is timely and can be adjusted to reflect the information on a daily, weekly or even hourly basis.

By adding Retriever Digital Signage to your church you can dynamically communicate multiple messages with church announcements, children’s services, volunteer information and news, birth announcements, condolences, fellowship opportunities, mission trip updates and any other news you would need (or want!) to communicate with your congregants in a simple, clean and effective manner.

For additional details about how Retriever Digital Signage, check out this post.