Restaurant with Retriever Screen

While many of our customers utilize Retrievers to replace their paper-congested bulletin board, there are also some creative, outside-the-box uses for digital signage that might surprise you! If you’ve considered integrating Retrievers into your communications strategy, you’ll want to consider some of these uses for your business.

Digital Menus

Whether you’re fast food, fast casual, or just running a concessions stand, gone are the days of reprinting and replacing your menu boards. The reprinting can be costly and time consuming, and you’re left with a waiting period when something leaves your menu, disappointing your customers and frustrating your staff. With digital signage, you can change and update your menu instantly and seamlessly. In a few seconds from any computer with internet access, your digital signage can be adjusted to feature new items, remove items that are out of stock, or update prices. Multiple locations? Simply duplicate the updated slide to all of the screens you’d like to change and it will instantly sync across all screens, whether their location is down the hall or across the state.


Four Walls Marketing

Speaking of restaurants, Retrievers are the ideal solution for your restaurant’s four walls marketing. Their eye-catching lit display keeps the customer engaged during wait times, and allows you to update promotions to all of your locations at once, without driving between stores and waiting to update signage when your guests have left the restaurant. See how Skyline Chili has taken advantage of Retrievers in their restaurant:


Goal Tracking

Whether you’re in a production facility or an office space, keeping your team focused on a common goal is a challenge worth taking on. Uniting your team around productivity goals, strategic goals, or even micro-goals geared at improving your output can be difficult, especially once everyone has left the staff meeting and begins to do their own thing. A visual dashboard tracking progress towards a goal can motivate your team and keep them focused on your company’s priorities, without overwhelming their inboxes or coming across as overly repetitive. Positioning Retrievers throughout your workspace offers a passive yet visually engaging reminder of what’s important, how far you’ve come, and what’s left to do.

Outdoor Signage

Retriever software can run both inside screens, and outdoor digital signage! Take Mansfield’s Renaissance Theatre, for example. Rather than being limited to just publicizing the show currently running on their marquee, they are able to promote all of their upcoming productions utilizing their Retriever at the touch of a button. Bonus: hours of staff time are saved each week since they don’t have to manually change letters on an outdated sign.

Donor Acknowledgment

Did you know that Retriever screens can become your donor acknowledgment wall that fits your staff’s limited time and your non-profit’s tight budget? A new donor recognition installation can run upwards of $10,000 (and that’s on the low end), which seems like a counter-intuitive way to acknowledge people who donated to your mission. Donor walls require constant updating, costly re-printing, and while they may be beautiful, they rarely engage visitors the way you’d hoped, because people are really there for your programming. Think beyond the traditional donor wall, and go digital with your donor recognition utilizing Retriever Digital Signage! Update you donor list digitally and easily when a new gift is received, incorporate photos and videos, and showcase your programs right alongside your donors who support them.

If you’re ready to learn more about Retriever Digital Signage, or just need some help thinking outside the box when it comes to your communications, let us help. Click here to set up a meeting.


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The Renaissance Theatre Concessions Stand

We’ve all seen it happen: all of your informative brochures and flyers are neatly set at the front door. Your patrons visit the kiosk and either ignore them entirely, or they take one of everything, only to eventually toss the information. As business owners, we all ask ourselves, “How can I highlight the most important things for my customers?”

Particularly in the recreation and entertainment industry, your customers come in high volume and it is impossible to have enough staff members on hand to personally highlight the opportunities to further engage for your customers. That’s the point when you need digital signage.

Take the Renaissance Theatre, for example. At a sell-out performance, they might have 1,400 people in the lobby at once! To educate, entertain, and engage their audiences, they’ve installed Retriever screens throughout their lobby spaces. Some screens showcase their concessions menus while others highlight upcoming performances and sponsors. This frees up their staff to engage with the patrons rather than up-selling them on future shows: the Retrievers do that for them!

Let’s say you’re at an indoor youth soccer tournament. Keeping an eye on the scoreboards for all of the games can be next to impossible, but your Retriever screens can become a digital scoreboard throughout your space!

Take your Retriever playlist a step further, and utilize it to showcase pro-tips from your in-house experts. Your patrons will thank you, and it’s a perfect way to personally engage with a high volume of people without adding to your bottom line.

We’d love to help you re-create your recreation space – let’s set up a conversation. Connect with us here via email.

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Engage Your Congregation with Retriever Digital Signage

If you’ve been involved in a church for any length of time, you’ve experienced this scene: each Sunday morning, your congregants are welcomed and handed a paper bulletin with the important updates on the life of the church: upcoming events, special announcements, prayer requests, and reports on various ministries.

One of two things happen with that bulletin. Either, the worshipper disengages and reads the bulletin during the sermon, or they toss it on their way out the door and wonder why they didn’t know about the church picnic. Sound familiar?

Communicating well with your church body is essential to the health of your congregation. It can be hard for houses of worship, in particular, to re-think their communications strategy in the digital age, though, especially if you’ve been doing this awhile. As churches age, younger and newer attendees will be more likely to engage with the life of your church if you meet them where they are and connect digitally.

Positioning digital signage throughout the lobbies, at child drop-off & pick-up, outside of Sunday School classrooms, ensures that your messages and updates will be highly visible and captivating, repeated and synced, without filling the paper bin. What’s more, the customizable display allows you to go well beyond the limits of the church bulletin.

Incorporate video and full-color images into your Retriever playlists, without the need of increasing your staff size. Retrievers are simple to program (even if your staff is techno-phobic) and feature easily customized templates that anyone can program in a few moments. Because announcements can be scheduled to turn on and off when they’re relevant, Retrievers take one thing off the plate of your already over-stretched staff.

You get enough feedback from your congregation; let us fix the communication issues. Reach out via email and let’s talk about incorporating Retriever screens into your house of worship.

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Keep it simple silly Retriever Digital Signage

When it comes to marketing technology, it seems like “user-friendly” isn’t the norm. In a small business when you’re wearing multiple hats, you simply don’t have time for a steep learning curve to get your message out.

That’s why a simple, straight-forward interface is important to us at Retriever. Whether you are tech savvy or technophobic, Retriever is quick to learn and takes only minutes to program.

In the video above, we walk you through the Retriever platform and show you just how simple it is to create a Retriever playlist for your screens. You don’t have to worry about hard to navigate menus, hidden features, or confusing features: everything is right where you’d expect it to be.

A few great features you’ll find with Retriever Digital Signage to help you get the message out:

  • Publish immediately, or schedule to publish and unpublish, so you don’t have to maintain it daily
  • Maintain your company’s brand guidelines with customizable colors for most of our built-in backgrounds
  • Add videos, photos, and customize text on our pre-made slides, or upload your own finished slide (formatted to 16:9)
  • Easily duplicate slides from one playlist to another
  • Instantly publish to all your screens with the press of a button, regardless of whether they’re on site or off site
  • Built-in alert screen available for each playlist that will override your playlist’s settings

If you’re ready to adopt straightforward and easy to use communications technology for your small business, we can help. Contact us here to set up a conversation.


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secrets to keeping your employees retriever digital signage

Finding great people, and keeping them, is paramount to your business’s longterm success. Too often, it seems like the conversation on employee retention is mostly directed at salary, and while it’s important to pay your people competitively, there’s more to the story when it comes to employee retention.

Have you ever known someone who was stuck in a job they hated because they couldn’t walk away from the salary & benefits package? It’s safe to say that that person wasn’t giving 100% each day to a job they’d disengaged with.

How do you keep your best employees from leaving, and keep your employees at their best? We believe there are three secrets to success when it comes to employee retention:

Secret #1: Communicate well.

Poor communication can be toxic to an organization. Assuming someone knows information they don’t cripples your staff and sets them up to fail. Often, companies have given their team all the information, but have flooded the brains, desks, and inboxes with too much information. Information overload is VERY REAL and is just as dangerous as not giving the information at all.

When your employees don’t know what’s important or relevant, they’ll either assume it all is urgent (which leads to burnout) or none of it is (which leads to disengagement). Great communication starts with highlighting what needs their attention.


Secret #2: Appreciate often.

There may not be an “I” in team, but a strong team is composed of a group of healthy individuals. If you want to see your employees stick around and be at their best, it’s important to make sure everyone feels valued and seen for their individual contributions to the team. In a large business, this can be a real challenge, but is worth the effort in both productivity as well as long-term retention. It’s hard to leave a place where you feel essential.


Secret #3: Provide pathways for feedback.

No one wants to feel like they’re just a cog in a big machine, no matter what size the business, but many people are unlikely to provide feedback unless you ask for it (or unless things have really turned sour). Offering accessible channels for feedback and keeping the lines of communication open on both sides will ensure that troubles get resolved more quickly, long before a great employee decides to quit.


At Retriever Digital Signage, it’s our strong desire to see all of our clients’ businesses thrive and grow. We believe that our Retrievers can be a tremendous tool for internal communications, helping you keep your great people around for decades.

By dodging the email inbox, Retrievers highlight and repeat the important information for everyone to see (no more leaving poor Joe off the email list by mistake). They’re visually engaging and easily let you incorporate photos and videos, schedule in advance, and highlight your staff achievements company-wide with the press of a button.

We’d love to work with you to make Retriever an effective channel of communication for your business. Click here to set up a conversation.

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Pro-Tips for Making the Most of Retriever Digital Signage

Retriever Digital Signage is the most effective way to communicate to your customers and employees. We love to see our customers and their businesses thrive by using their Retrievers well. Here are a few suggestions on how you can make the most of our versatile system!

Vary Your Message

Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, it’s most effective to include a mixture of slides that are informative, educational, entertaining along with your advertising. The 21st Century mind tunes out when they think they’re looking at an ad – just think about how you skip the commercials on your DVR or scroll past the banner ads on the web.

We’ve made it extra simple for you to incorporate slides that will hold the attention of your customers. Simply scroll through the categories on your Retriever playlist to incorporate weather forecasts, news headlines, trivia, and more. It’s simple to make your own entertaining and educational slides about your company too – and your customers will be glad you did! To learn how to make your own custom trivia questions on Retriever, watch this short video:

Schedule Ahead

Be ahead of the curve and schedule your slides ahead. Not only will scheduling your slides save you time down the road, it will ensure that you don’t forget to include something important during your company’s busiest times.

Not sure how to schedule? Watch this quick video:


Incorporate Photos & Videos

The human brain is drawn to images of human faces, and subconsciously processes the emotions those faces are communicating. Utilizing great images and videos of people that look like your target customer happily engaged with your company is a simple way to set the tone for your business with your Retriever Digital Signage. A few things to keep in mind when it comes to images and video: Retriever uses a 16:9 aspect ratio, so try to choose images that are oriented or easily cropped to that ratio.

This quick video breaks down some of your photo/text options and some tips for when to choose which slide:


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Secret to Engagement Retriever Digital Signage

It can be tempting to focus all your messaging around the same central point: “Buy our stuff!” In reality, when your message is one note, you’re communicating to your customers that you only have one thing to say, and they’re tuning out.

Building a relationship with your customers is about a dialogue, back and forth. When you dialogue with a friend, you want it to be back and forth, about a variety of topics, and with mutual interest in each other. When any of those elements are lost, though, your relationship suffers.

The same is true for your business. If every message is pressuring a sale, then your customers never have the opportunity to build trust, get to know your brand values and expertise, or feel safe just considering your product without being accosted to make a purchase they’re not ready to make.

If you want to keep your customers (and especially your leads) engaged, your messaging needs to serve a purpose beyond “Buy Now!” Utilize your digital signage, your social media, your content, and your publications to welcome people into your place of business, demonstrate your corporate values, and educate them about your products and relevant things related to your products.

Consider this scenario: Sales Person #1

You walk into a retail clothing store. As you come through the door, a sales person asks what they can help you find today. You let them know you’re not looking for anything in particular and walk through the store browsing. Every time you pick up an item, the sales person comes up next to you and tells you, “We only have a few of those left. You better get this now before we run out!” or “We’re running a great sale on that shirt! Better buy it now before the price goes up!”

You’re likely to run out of the store as soon as possible, because the pressure to buy is so great and there’s no room for building awareness or opportunity to consider the purchase on your own terms.

Now consider this alternative: Sales Person #2

You walk into a retail clothing store. As you come through the door, a sales person asks what they can help you find today. You let them know you’re not looking for anything in particular and walk through the store browsing. After a few minutes, the sales person comes up next to you and tells you about the product you’re holding. “That shirt is made of a high quality organic, fair trade cotton. It’s one of our best sellers. Because of the way it’s made, this shirt will last years longer and look better than your typical shirt with proper care. Let me know if there’s anything else I can tell you about.”

In this case, the call to action was for further consideration, not a pressured sale. The sales person in this scenario positioned the store as the expert on high quality clothing, and met the customer where they were in the buying process (consideration) rather than forcing them to make a decision they weren’t ready to make. As the buyer, you’re more likely to stay in the store longer, and make a purchase (even if it’s not that day) than you would have if you’d been pressured to buy.

Is your digital signage more like Sales Person #1 or #2? When you create your Retriever playlist, take advantage of the opportunity to educate and entertain your customers. There are a few simple ways to do this (and so many more beyond this short list):

  • Educate your customers about product care
  • Introduce your employees
  • Showcase slides about community-oriented events and opportunities
  • Include news headlines, weather, and clocks
  • List educational and service opportunities
  • Celebrate your values in creative ways

If you need to re-engage your customers, we can help. Contact us and we’ll set up a conversation!


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tips for onboarding new employees retriever digital signage

We’ve written about how expensive it can be to your company to lose your valuable team members to employee turnover. It’s equally important to remember that onboarding a new employee is one of the most important steps to building a successful team. More often than not “bad hires” are actually good employees who weren’t well-integrated into your team.

A successful employee onboarding gives an employee a sense of belonging as a part of your team, understanding of your business and what’s expected of them, and the tools they need to be successful in their job.

Here are five elements that we believe are critical to success as you onboard your new hires:

Announce the New Arrival!

When a new face joins your team, shout it from the rooftops! Announcing the new employee with a photo, name, and job title on your Retriever screens throughout your business cuts out the uncomfortable uncertainty of a new face and celebrates the growth of your team.  Your new team member will feel welcomed seeing that they are valued already by the staff as they greet them by name. When you announce a new hire, it sends the message to the community that your team is growing and thriving.

Start Before They Start

Prior to Day 1, give your new employee an opportunity to assimilate. Knock out the new hire paperwork in advance so that it doesn’t derail their first day. Include them on team emails so they have the chance to get a sense of what’s happening before they come through the door. Send them an organizational chart (with photos!) so they can learn your team before they come in the door. Anything you can do to give them a leg up, do it!

Rules for Engagement & Informal Stakeholders

Every company has a unique culture, and often the most critical information doesn’t live on an organizational chart or in a company handbook. Who are the people who really get things done around your organization? What are some particulars about the etiquette of your workplace that would be extra helpful for a new team member to know up front? For example, if you have a weekly staff meeting, what’s expected (and what isn’t) for them to share? When you give a new hire the unwritten rulebook, it sets them up for success and helps them to avoid some nasty faux pas.

The Devil is In the Details

Don’t neglect the importance of basic fundamentals when someone is starting with your business. How do you get an outside line? Where can they find their needed passwords? Do they have access to everything they need? Where do you keep office supplies? Where are the restrooms? All of these small things can become huge to someone who has never worked a day in your office.

Values & Achievements

One of the keys to assimilating in a new company is understanding what the company values, where it has been, and where it’s going. An easy way to keep this at the front of mind for each of your team members is to include your mission & vision statements, big achievements, and company values as part of your Retriever playlist. Your newest team members will be instantly on the same page with your existing staff, and your existing staff will remember what’s really important.


At Retriever Digital Signage, we want to see your team thrive. Let us help – send us an email and we’d love to help!

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The real cost of employee turnover retriever digital signage

Your business’ most important asset is your employees. Recruiting the right people to your team is one challenge, but keeping them there requires a strong communications strategy and commitment to employee satisfaction.

When you do lose an employee, you probably think about the costs of hiring someone new as advertising for the position, possibly contracting a recruitment service, or paying a temporary replacement. In reality, though, the cost to your business is much higher.If your business isn’t measuring the true costs of employee turnover, then you’re probably overlooking simple, cost-effective strategies you can employ to reduce turnover.

Maia Josebachvili, VP of of People at Greenhouse reports that small improvements in the organization’s culture, management, and development that work towards employee retention for a sales person can make a $1.3 million impact on the business over three years.


Even more conservative reports put the cost of employee churn at 1.5-2x the salary of that employee. Josh Bersin of Deloitte explains that the costs of an employee loss are sometimes overlooked:

  • Cost of hiring
  • Cost of training, management time in onboarding
  • Lost productivity from new hire
  • Lost engagement from other employees
  • Customer service and errors due to inexperience and inefficiency
  • Training cost invested in previous employee
  • Cultural impact on staff as a whole

“Most importantly of all, we have to remember that people are what we call an ‘appreciating asset,'” writes Bersin, “The longer we stay with an organization the more productive we get – we learn the systems, we learn the products, and we learn how to work together.”

When you examine the catalysts to employee turnover, many could be avoided with improved communication in your organization.  That’s where digital signage can be of great use to you.

Retriever Digital Signage is completely customizable to your business. Our team works with yours to determine the best placement and strategy for accomplishing your communication goals.

We believe Retriever is the perfect solution for communicating with your staff because our digital signage is:

  • Customizable
  • Digital
  • Quickly & easily updated
  • Simple to use
  • Repeating
  • Visually appealing
  • Highly visible
  • Syncs seamlessly in multiple locations
  • Affordable
  • Entertaining
  • Optimized for video, text, and photos

… and those are only a few reasons!

Imagine your business had reached an exciting goal – let’s say you landed a significant new account. In your regular business model, you’d acknowledge those who worked hard to land the account at your next staff meeting – maybe a week or more after the exciting moment had passed. The energy and satisfaction of the moment has been lost at that point, and everyone’s nose to the grindstone trying to get the additional work done for the new account.

Now, let’s imagine the same scenario, but with Retriever Digital Signage positioned strategically throughout your business. The day the account is landed, moments after the team returns to the office with their good news, you put this slide up on your playlist for the day:

GreatJobSales(This took less than 30 seconds to make, schedule, and launch!)

When the team returns to the office, they are greeted with high fives and congratulations. While their energy is high from the exciting success, they feel celebrated and valued as team members. Employees do not easily leave a company where they feel valued and celebrated.

We can help you design a communications strategy that decreases churn and improves morale. Send us an email, and let’s chat!

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Celebrate Your Team with Retriver

When you have the right team assembled, you want to keep them. We all already know that its significantly more expensive to hire a new employee than it is to retain a good one, and we’re convinced you can retain your great team without expending tons of extra time, effort, and money.

Here are three great ways to celebrate your team – internally and externally – and boost morale among your staff using your Retriever Digital Signage:

Showcase Accomplishments

We’ve created some new templates in your Retriever workspace to make it extra simple for you to upload photos of your team members to celebrate (even small) victories! Whether it’s a big catch on a fishing trip or a major professional award, simply upload a photo and caption it – it’s easier than social media!


Celebrate Birthdays

In a large business, it can be easy to feel like a small cog in a big machine. Anything you can do to accent the individuality of your team will go a long way to increase a sense of belonging for your staff. Imagine if your team members saw their photos displayed on their birthdays – and their co-workers wished them a happy birthday on their special day, even if they hadn’t spoken before! Because it’s easy to schedule your Retriever playlist, you could accomplish this in one sitting and have it repeat every year.


Showcase Your Talent

If you run a high-traffic business, show your customers how much you love your team. Introduce them to your customers using your Retriever Digital Signage and broadcast what makes them so great. “Dave is our owner – he’s full of good ideas and he loves animals!” Showcasing your talented employees will not only increase their sense of belonging, it will go a long way to welcome new friends into your workplace.


Do you need some fresh ideas to boost morale? Reach out and let us help.

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