In the past decade, a wealth of new advertising tools have exploded into our culture, and that’s a good thing… mostly. Marketing professionals can barely bat their eyes without having a new tool roll out, a new channel, a new option. It’s an amazing time to be a marketer, but also a bit dizzying. Many of the most effective tools are also the most complex to use, and require an incredible amount of man hours to manage.

That’s why it’s so important to us to make sure that digital signage is super-effective and wildly easy to use. After all, you don’t need to get one more certification or go through one more webinar. Your time is valuable and keeping it simple is just smart.

Here’s a glimpse at how easy it is to create a slide, schedule it, and duplicate it among all your screens:

Retriever Digital Signage Work Area

Retriever Digital Signage Work Area

There’s no guesswork involved in figuring what’s currently running on your digital sign, and in what order. Slides that are on the right side of the work area are running, and slides that are on the left are not, making it easy to shuffle things in and out, move them around, or delete them altogether.

Retriever Digital Signage Slide Categories

Retriever Digital Signage Slide Categories

If you’re a graphic designer, it’s easy to upload a completed slide by simply choosing the “Pictures” slide category – but since we know that most businesses don’t have that luxury, we’ve made graphic design simple by creating a long list of slide templates. Choose your favorite!

Retriever Slide Editing

Retriever Slide Editing

Upload your favorite image and customize your text, simply, without ever leaving the work area. Everything is on one screen, you don’t need to learn any jargon, it’s straight-forward and ready to go.

Retriever Slide Customization

Retriever Slide Customization

Keep an eye on your final product by simply glancing above the work area for a real-time update. And, stay on brand with hex code customizable colors for any slide!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.12.47 AM

Time is money, and if you’re a smart marketer (and you obviously are if you’ve read this far!) you are probably scheduling your signs in advance so you don’t have to give it a second thought. You can schedule your slides to publish and unpublish however it works best for you! Bonus, it’s easy to tell at a glance if your slide has been scheduled by simply glancing at the center arrow: if it’s a clock with an arrow towards the right, you’re scheduled to publish – an arrow to the left means you’re scheduled to unpublish.

Duplicate Your Retriever Slide

Duplicate Your Retriever Slide

Once you’re happy with your slide, there’s no need to go through the effort of recreation for every screen you use, simply click the duplicate button and choose the slide position and screens you want. And, there’s no guesswork involved in slide positions – we’ll give you a preview of the slide position when you rollover the choices.

Marketing in the 21st century requires more of marketers than ever before, and Retriever Digital Signage makes certain that your brains don’t have to give a second thought to make sure your digital signage is eye-catching and effective. If you’d like to learn more, contact us via email at or by phone at 419-525-2127 and our experts can help to make digital signage the easiest marketing tool you use.

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Why Dealerships Love Digital Signage

Consumers make buying decisions differently in the 21st century: they do the research at home, they shop your dealership and others before they ever set a foot on the lot, and they probably think they’re the expert. Successful dealerships are taking this challenge in stride, and one way they’re doing that is through strategically placed digital signage. Here’s why dealerships love our Retriever Digital Signage in their showrooms:

1. Customizable design that’s easy to use

Whether you’re running video, showcasing manufacturer images, or promoting an ongoing or upcoming special, your customers will know that your dealership is on the cutting edge of technology – even if your sales team doesn’t have a tech guru. Our interface is simple for anyone to use and makes every slide look great, regardless of your technological skills!

2. Promote services, specials, and products during wait times

Many customers may not realize that your dealership also offers service and product lines beyond just selling vehicles. Rather than bog them down during the sale process, increase your customer’s awareness of your full range of services, specials, and products while they wait or browse your space through an eye-catching digital slide.

3. Target your messages by location

When you use Retriever Digital Signage, you can cultivate your messaging based on your screen location. Dealerships who love their digital signage target specific messages for their budget lot customers by placing a dedicated screen in that location, and promote different specials and products geared to a higher-dollar customer amidst their higher budget vehicles, achieving a higher ROI.


Our affordable and easy-to-use digital signage is certain to make your dealership stand out, and we’re ready to help. Contact us via email at or by phone at 419-525-2127 and our experts will give you the tools to excite and engage your customers.


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Schools using Retriever ScreensHow many of us remember sitting in a class and our teacher being interrupted by an announcement over the PA system? And is there anything more wasteful than the mountains of paper sent home every single night with a student? With all those interruptions and extra pieces of paper mixed in with their school books, notes, and homework, it’s no wonder many students have no clue about when the permission slip is due or what night the band concert is scheduled.

Effective schools utilize an effective communications strategy that fits the needs of a 21st century student. Here are some smart ways that exceptional schools are employing digital signage in their buildings:

1. Information is disseminated in an effective, waste-free way

No need to send home slips of paper with reminders and updates that will hit the bin before they’re ever read. By placing digital signage throughout the school building, a student’s eye is drawn to the screen and the message is received, thanks to the visually captivating design of the slides. Moreover, last minute changes are no longer a communications crisis, because digital signage can be updated instantly!

2. Students learn 21st century communications when they take responsibility

Schools employing digital signage that equip their students with the ability to program the Retriever slides are providing experience in communications, learning skills valued by a 21st century workforce. The user-friendly interface ensures that anyone with computer proficiency is able to master the Retriever system, along with the freedom to take the interface to the next level with video and graphic design.

3. Every student is celebrated with digital signage

Teachers and administrators know that promoting a sense of belonging to their students increases student engagement, attendance, performance and decreases behavioral incidents, but finding ways to do that can be a challenge for an already over-extended staff. Digital signage offers a meaningful tool to celebrate birthdays, achievements in the classroom, extracurricular activities, the arts, athletics… every way you can imagine to celebrate your students, you can utilize digital signage to achieve maximum impact.

4. Cultivate a relationship with the community

Whether you’re matching students with an employer, communicating a special promotion for students and their families, or showcasing a local volunteer opportunity, digital signage gives a school the tools to effectively build community relationships outside of the school walls. Employing digital signage organizes all of this information in one reliable place, so valuable class time isn’t wasted on announcements.


These are just four ways schools are utilizing digital signage to maximize their efficiency of their communications strategy, there are many more. If you would like to learn more about implementing digital signage into your school building, contact us via email at or by phone at 419-525-2127 and one of our experts will help your building to thrive.


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Restaurant with Retriever ScreenI was in a pizza place recently, looking over the menu. As I was trying to make my decision about which pizza to order, a competitor’s pizza came on the screen in front of me for a lower price than the restaurant I was sitting in. So, I asked the waitress if they’d match the price of their competitor who was advertising in their restaurant. This is a perfect example of a company that has given away their four walls to a competitor.

Restaurant owners, operators, and managers know that one of the best ways to increase revenue is by promoting your restaurant to your captive audience: your diners. To make the dining experience more entertaining for your guests, many restaurants have invested thousands of dollars into television screens, but at the cost of one of their most valuable marketing tools.

In-house digital signage is the solution to reclaiming your restaurant’s four walls, enabling you to provide a visually exciting and meaningful message that’s exclusively yours. This gives you the perfect place to offer limited time offers, extended menu items, to promote upcoming events or specials, and to entertain your guests while they dine.

Regardless of your technological prowess, anyone can program a Retriever screen in only a few moments, thanks to the incredibly user-friendly interface. You don’t have to have a graphic designer or be a designer to make sharp, effective slides for the Retriever Digital Signage. Moreover, our support team is committed and available – we won’t leave you waiting for a fix.

Many restaurants have been able to create a new stream of revenue through selling advertising (to non-competitors!) on their screens. Additionally, you can demonstrate your support for the community by promoting local sporting events, upcoming performing arts events, the local schools, and more.

Your four walls are your distinct opportunity to captivate your diners and we’d love to help. If you’d like to learn more about incorporating digital signage into your four walls marketing plan, contact us via email at or by phone at 419-525-2127.


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Social networking

Upwards of two billion people are on social media today. Each morning, their eyes go first to their phone screens to turn off their alarms, check their notifications, and skim their social media channels for updates. Most humans spend their day looking at screens, going home at the end of the day to watch their favorite television show and scroll through their news feeds.

The 21st century human brain has been trained to look at screens, making it the most effective and impactful means of communicating a message. Consider how social media works on a fundamental level: individuals connect with people they know and post messages, videos, and photos to engage and entertain. Social media channels like Facebook simply serve as a platform for those connections, all of the content is user created.

Businesses who employ digital signage are creating and cultivating a social media network in their workspace. They’re engaging their employees and customers in a meaningful way, free of the noise that comes with traditional social media.

Many of our customers employ diverse and interesting messages throughout their Retriever feed. For example, OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital provides information about hospital programs and upcoming community events to hospital guests and employees. Hospital staff are able to cultivate this closed “news feed” to ensure that every post is meaningful, helpful, and informative.

Digital signage is an essential part of your social media strategy. How are you diversifying your feed to keep your audience engaged?

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Each year, the Renaissance Theatre has more than 50,000 people come through its doors with one common purpose: to be entertained. When a patron buys a ticket, they know that they’re in for a fun evening… but their experience begins long before the curtain goes up.

On average, a guest spends close to an extra hour at the theatre not watching a show. From the time a patron parks their car until a show begins, and after it’s ended and as they leave, it’s the venue’s job to make sure patrons are engaged and entertained. This is where digital signage comes in.

The Renaissance Theatre Concessions Stand

From Waiting to Entertaining

While a patron is waiting in line for concessions, engaging visuals, moving pictures, and bright colors help to engage them as they make their purchasing decisions. Video ads for upcoming shows play as guests socialize in the lobby or wait for tickets at will call, offering the Ren a valuable opportunity to advertise to their existing customer base.

Once a patron has been seated, they take note of the business sponsors who have supported the performance by watching the screens at the front of the house. It’s a meaningful moment as guests consider the community investment in their evening, one they may remember when they’re making a purchasing decision down the road.

Turning Customers into Raving Fans

When it’s time for intermission, many patrons have been considering their next visit to the Renaissance for over an hour, thanks to the digital signage telling them about relevant upcoming shows like the one they’re seeing this evening. As they socialize with the friends and family they’re attending with, they make plans for their next event at the Ren, and visit the box office between acts.

Finally, as patrons leave, they see beautiful images from recent productions, digital signage thanking them for their visit, and gratitude to the business sponsors who made the event possible. And, of course, they’re reminded once again about an upcoming show for which they may want to return.

It takes 7 points of contact before you make a sale, and in one visit to the Renaissance, all of those touch points are met with digital signage alone. A feast for the senses as guests of the theatre enjoy an entertaining evening out, carefully placed digital signage extends the experience for theatre guests to be both visually engaging and entertaining.

Comment and tell us: How are you engaging your guests once they walk through your doors?


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As you design your Retriever Digital Signage campaigns, you’ll want to make sure that you have an effective strategy for both the communication and the responsibility.

First, decide how your logo will be displayed. If you have an organization-wide brand, you may want to incorporate the colors, text, and graphics into your slides. Perhaps the logo at the bottom of each slide? Use the same font as used in your logo in the text on each slide. These are very simple features, but the decision to keep the consistency between the logo branding and your Retriever Digital Signage displays not only makes your communication congruent, but setting the fonts makes that decision for the long term, never to be quibbled over again.

Next, decide how you’d like the slide shows to run. Obviously, there is information to be communicated, but you’ll also want to incorporate some fun. Weather, sports, blogs and other sources of entertaining information can be added to your slides through the individual RSS feeds. One of the advantages of the Retriever 2.0 is that if you see the order of your slide show isn’t really working for your viewers, you can change it with a few clicks of the button and know that with the next cycle, the changes will appear on your screen. strategy-promo

Then, assign a person to be in charge of the updates. You can choose one point person for the entire organization or set one per department. Because each person has a unique login and the whole system is online, updates can be made from any computer, by anyone with access at any time. The person in charge of updates can set a schedule for submissions so they they don’t feel overwhelmed with the details. Updates are simple to make, but that doesn’t mean they should be at the beck and call of every person who thinks one should be made. Make an update schedule, set deadlines and get organized. Organization is the key to success after all!

Finally, get designing! Set aside time to play around with the Retriever web interface. Try your hand designing some backgrounds. Check out the slides we’ve already made for you to use. You’re a part of the Retriever family as soon as we plug your first unit, and to welcome you, we’ve got plenty of slides to help you on your way in case you don’t feel like design is your strong suit. But even if it isn’t, it’s still fun to try!

So get organized, choose your colors and start building a slide show for your organization that tell your story. Share your loyalty programs and share safety tips. Communicate with impact and have fun doing it!

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Last week, we talked about the Pantone color of the year and how to incorporate it into your Retriever Digital Signage design. But talking about color wouldn’t be complete without talking about HOW the colors work together.

When designing your slides, you need to consider how readable the color combinations really are. Pantone may say they go well together, but you need to also consider the size of your font and the distance at which the text is read. Additionally the lighting in the room where your tv signage is viewed should also be considered. However, don’t forget with all these extra notes here that the Retriever Digital Signage can be updated  with the click of a button and the changes are integrated into the next cycle. So even if you make a mistake in the design, you can change it.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help clarify the previous paragraph. Don’t overlap areas of complementary colors because it’s difficult for our brains to interpret the different wavelengths of light that they use. This just makes the text harder to read and other visual elements more challenging. In the same vein, overlapping colors with a similar brightness will be difficult to distinguish for most people. This problem becomes more pronounced on LCD screens, because they have the most trouble maintaining high-contrast imagery when the viewer isn’t standing practically in front of the tv signage. To maximize impact and ensure that your viewers can read your slides, check out the sample of color combos below.


We all know black-and-white work well together, but don’t ignore black-and-yellow. There are so many options, just keep in mind the contrast between foreground and background can have a big impact on how easy it is to read content on the screen at a glance. Contrast has a direct impact on readability, which will influence how your viewers recall the information.

Finally, make sure that you consider what each tv signage screen looks like to viewers be they across the aisle, down the hall, on the production floor, or on the other side of your lobby. What looks spectacular on the screen at arm’s length may be a disappointing blur if you move back a few feet or shift your seating by just a few degrees.

For more ideas on spicing up your Retriever Digital Signage slides, check out this post!

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Design focused individuals are aware of the trends in colors that are released every year. Perhaps you already know that for 2016 the Pantone color is not just one, but two colors. A warm and a cool. What does this have to do with Retriever Digital Signage? Everything!

pantone2016As you design your slide shows, consider what the trendy colors are. There is a reason why they have made the design theme for the year – they are eye catching and pretty. And in this year’s case, the addition of a second color allows for more creativity and variety within the design planning.

If your organization is one that uses a black and white logo, you’ve got the most freedom of design with these colors. The Pantone institute selects the colors every year and thankfully, they also provide potential color pairing that could be used for both the background and text. The color pairings are a refreshing way to look at your design and consider colors that you might not otherwise even know existed. It’s an especially creative way to find complementary colors for text that aren’t just the standard issue black.

Because you control your Retriever Digital Signage both in the design and the order, you can utilize these colors in the way that emphasizes the personality of your organization and your branding. Complementary colors can be used to create a professional background to your logo that  capture the eye and then hold the attention of your viewer long enough to read the brief text you share on each slide.

Now, perhaps Rose Quartz and Serenity don’t really represent your organization well. That’s ok, because there were other colors of the year. And there’s a color selector here. Using the tools available online can help you communicate with impact and enjoy the design process while you’re at it!

For more ideas on how to choose the right colors for your Retriever Digital Signage design, check out this post!

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7b5f8b_2ff3ea994dff483d91521aa3f48d8a89Every so often, it’s a good idea to take a beat and look back at what you’ve learned. What better time than the middle of the summer? So while you’re preparing your Retriever Digital Signage slide show to run while you’re on vacation, let’s recap on some of our favorite posts from the last few months.

Emergency Alerts and Digital Signage – As your prepare your emergency plans and corresponding Retriever Digital Signage slide show, keep in mind that all leadership should be kept undated on your plans. Not only should they know the general safety protocols and escape routes, it is also helpful for them to know how to access your Retriever Digital Signage in case they are ones who are charge at the moment of crisis.

Get your HR Department Connected with Digital Signage – Retriever Digital Signage is a tool that takes your communication from one-dimensional and dull to something that makes people stop and take note. No body wants to be the Toby Flenderson of their company, but if you insist on keeping communication in the 90s, what else can you expect?

In Case You Need More Reasons for Digital Signage – It goes without saying that there are many other reasons why Retriever Digital Signage is right for your organization. Digital signage can take your organization from bland to inviting with just a simple shift in design and function.

Combining Digital Signage and Social Media – If you take the time to do a quick survey of businesses and organizations, you’ll see they benefit from joining the social fray and using their accounts to the best of their potential.

Increase Your Productivity – Even if you as the manager or human resources personnel can’t be present, the Retriever can be working for you!

As always, look in the body of these posts for more links to posts and make notes on how you can use Retriever Digital Signage to increase the effectiveness of your organization’s communication.

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