Celebrate Your Team with Retriver

When you have the right team assembled, you want to keep them. We all already know that its significantly more expensive to hire a new employee than it is to retain a good one, and we’re convinced you can retain your great team without expending tons of extra time, effort, and money.

Here are three great ways to celebrate your team – internally and externally – and boost morale among your staff using your Retriever Digital Signage:

Showcase Accomplishments

We’ve created some new templates in your Retriever workspace to make it extra simple for you to upload photos of your team members to celebrate (even small) victories! Whether it’s a big catch on a fishing trip or a major professional award, simply upload a photo and caption it – it’s easier than social media!


Celebrate Birthdays

In a large business, it can be easy to feel like a small cog in a big machine. Anything you can do to accent the individuality of your team will go a long way to increase a sense of belonging for your staff. Imagine if your team members saw their photos displayed on their birthdays – and their co-workers wished them a happy birthday on their special day, even if they hadn’t spoken before! Because it’s easy to schedule your Retriever playlist, you could accomplish this in one sitting and have it repeat every year.


Showcase Your Talent

If you run a high-traffic business, show your customers how much you love your team. Introduce them to your customers using your Retriever Digital Signage and broadcast what makes them so great. “Dave is our owner – he’s full of good ideas and he loves animals!” Showcasing your talented employees will not only increase their sense of belonging, it will go a long way to welcome new friends into your workplace.


Do you need some fresh ideas to boost morale? Reach out and let us help.

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Retriever Digital Signage at Bookmasters

As business owners, we know that when you have a great employee, it’s vital to your business to keep them on your team. It’s costly to the bottom line, as well as the morale of the team, to lose your great staff members. Some studies indicate that it’s as costly as 6-9 months of the staff member’s salary to recruit and retrain a new team member! A Human Resources team that communicates well can make all the difference when it comes to employee retention.

Numerous academic studies indicate that effective communication is vital to employee retention and motivation. “Workers consider effective communication very important to their motivation and vital source of their affiliation with the organization and retention,” states this study from the 2012 International Conference on Arts, Behavioral Sciences and Economics Issues.

As communication experts at Retriever Digital Signage, we believe in equipping your HR team with state-of-the-art communication tools that make a high visual impact without costing you valuable time. That’s why we’ve made the Retriever platform simple to use, intuitive, and customizable.

Especially in the 21st century, our eyes are drawn to screens. Moving backlit images with colors are far more likely to capture the attention of your employees than static memos on a cluttered bulletin board. When you have a message to send, meet your team where they already are and send it out using your Retriever screens.

What’s more, repetition is the proven way to ensure that a message is received and processed. That’s why, with Retriever, your playlist will automatically cycle throughout the workday.

When you adopt Retriever as a part of your workplace, we will collaborate with your team on designing a layout that works best for you. Whether you position screens throughout the work zones, in waiting areas, in staff lounges, or in offices, you can declutter the inbox and ensure high impact by communicating with your team through the Retriever platform.

We want to see your business thrive, and employee retention is a critical aspect of any thriving business. Let our communication experts equip your workplace with communication tools that work with Retriever Digital Signage. Click here to start a conversation.

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Cost Saving with Retriever Digital Signage

As business owners, we know that streamlining expenses is an ongoing conversation in your workplace. Finding ways to eliminate unnecessary costs requires creativity from staff and the ability to objectively look at your environment and find waste.

Through our work with companies like yours, we’ve seen how our Retriever Digital Signage has been able to help reduce costs for our clients. Here are just a few ways our clients are able to reduce costs thanks to Retriever:


Have you ever had someone point out an error on a promotional piece? Or, had a change occur after something had been sent to print that you need to replace? Or do you simply just spend too much on your print pieces that ultimately end up in the garbage once a promotion has ended? Retriever Digital Signage addresses that by refreshing your screens every few seconds. Mistakes and changes? No problem – they can be changed in an instant. Plus, with Retriever Digital Signage, you buy once – not repeatedly each quarter.


We’ve equipped the Retriever interface with hundreds of customizable templates and layouts that make it easy for anyone, regardless of their background, to create effective and appealing digital signage in seconds. This reduces staff time, the need to contract out for graphic design, and frees your team up to do more in their already busy days. We also have clients who manage many locations of a business, and once Retrievers are installed at a location, all the screens automatically update through an internet connection. No more wasted days transporting new signage from one location to the next!

Added Revenue Streams

The Retriever Digital Signage is designed so that you can choose a slide package that grows with your company, but while you are waiting for your own content needs to expand, you can sell ad space on your own playlist!


We’ve seen it over and over: Retrievers are effective advertising tools. When your client is in your space, Retrievers are effective at communicating your message, educating the viewer about promotions and services, and advertising promotions. Using Retrievers will reduce your ad budget because you simply won’t have to work as hard to make a sale.

We’re ready to help you get your Retrievers up and running, so click here to set up a conversation.

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Mohican Lodge Using Retrievers

Every line of business has some product lines or services they wish their customers knew about. Educating your customer about extended offerings is key to any healthy bottom line. Not only is it 50% easier to sell something new to an existing customer than acquire a new one, they’re likely to spend 31% more when they do try something new than a new customer (Invesp).

Mohican Lodge General Manager Laura Weirick knows this to be true. “We have written in-room guides, and I think these days it doesn’t seem like people want to take the time to read through material.” Mohican Lodge’s restaurant and gift shoppe offer valuable services to the guests at the hotel, and it’s important for the Lodge to draw their guests into these space.

Through wisely placed Retriever screens, however, they’ve been able to advertise dinner specials and promotions as their guests check in or spend time in their lounge, up-selling through customer education.

“It helps to put all the activities on there, and it might bring up something our guests hadn’t even thought about… It puts it right in front of their face as they’re coming in,” shares Weirick.

In addition to up-selling their own services, as a destination hotel they’ve been able to extend advertising opportunities to other relevant attractions in the area, such as the canoe liveries, zip-lining, and greenhouses.

What offerings do you wish your customers knew about? Up-sell with your Retrievers. Let us help – click here to start the conversation.

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crowded bulletin board

Communication in the information age should be easier, but we can all attest that there is so much input at any given time that it’s hard to know which messages are the most important.

Marketers know that most messages have to be delivered 7 times before any action is taken. When you’re familiar with the rule of 7, it’s easy to track how it impacts you in your own life. You might (1) see a product being used by a friend, (2) hear about it on a podcast, (3) research it online, (4) hear an ad about it, (5) see an in-stream ad on Facebook, likely tracking you from your online research, (6) get a follow-up email about it, and finally (7) hear another recommendation before you buy that item.

The same is true for most messages, especially those that require a new action from the person being communicated with. Let’s say your team has a new policy about safety gear being worn in a certain part of your building.

You roll out the new policy as a part of a staff meeting, but then find yourself repeating the message for weeks following in emails, posters, and through management team. A small change can feel frustrating for you, and it can be frustrating for your employees that have already made the adjustment not only to have their time wasted by repetition, but also to see their colleagues not making the change.

What if you were able to apply the rule of 7 to your workplace quickly, without all of the extra effort? That’s where Retriever Digital Signage comes in. Let’s take the same scenario, but add in Retrievers placed throughout the workplace:

You roll out the new policy at a staff meeting. That day, a slide reminding people of the policy hits the playlist on the Retrievers around that area. The slide shows an image or a video of someone wearing the safety equipment in that part of the building with a brief, gentle reminder. Every time an employee enters that area, they see the slide and are ‘reminded by the Retriever, rather than their managers, and they make the change. Email inboxes are less cluttered, paper posters are not necessary, and your team is frustration-free.

What’s exciting about the second scenario, the slide was already programmed in just a couple of minutes and scheduled to hit immediately following the staff meeting. It took the HR associate a matter of seconds to launch, much less time than they might spend trying to get the posters to print at the copier and then posting them throughout already cluttered bulletin boards.

Let us help you reduce your workload and get your office operating more effectively. Click here to set up a conversation with the Retriever team.

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Retriever Digital Signage Support

If you’ve been a Retriever client for any period of time, we hope you have been problem-free each day. When you work with technology and people, know that there are always snags – and they always happen at the worst moment for your team.

One of our team’s highest priorities is to provide exceptional customer service to all of our clients, and we have been proud to hear from you that we’re delivering it.

Our commitment to customer service starts at our initial meeting. When we visit your site, we’ll talk about your goals, we’ll walk through your site, and we’ll make suggestions based on a number of factors that will help you reach your goal without exceeding your budget.

When it’s time to install, you don’t have to worry about the details. Our staff is easy to work with and we’re happy to collaborate with your on-site team, whoever is available, to make sure the installation is simple and that your staff feels equipped to get your Retrievers running right away.

Once your Retrievers are up and running, we’re here for you. Here’s what a few of our clients have to say:

“A phone call, an email, a support ticket, it doesn’t matter. Any one of those methods and within minutes I’ll get an answer back. Half of the time when I put in a support ticket, I’ll get an email back and they’ll say, ‘Oh yeah, we already noticed this 5 minutes ago and we’re already on it,'” says Kristen Steele, Bookmasters.

“The small but mighty team at Retriever has been there for me in a pinch countless times. I’ve texted them at 8 PM on a Saturday with a problem, and they’ve logged in and fixed a mistake (usually mine) remotely so that our audience can see the slides without a hitch. I can’t think of any better customer service I’ve ever received,” shares Colleen Cook, Director of Marketing at the Renaissance Theatre.

If you’re ready to get the support you deserve, let’s chat.

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Alert Slides Retriever Digital Signage

Businesses of all types have changed the way they prepare for a serious incident. From training the staff in emergency management procedures, active shooter scenarios, CPR, and First Aid, a team can never be too prepared for an emergency.

We’ve equipped your Retrievers with several simple, quick tools that can be deployed as a part of your emergency response. While we hope you never need to use them, these simple to use tools could save lives.

If you do find yourself in an emergency situation that necessitates evacuation, please evacuate first. Retrievers can be managed from any internet connection.

Your playlist comes with an “Alert!” setting at the very top of your program. This overrides your playlist for the period of time it’s set for – whether scheduled or immediately set to publish.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.15.05 AM

To save you even more time in an emergency situation, we’ve built some slides for you for some common emergencies. Simply select “Alert” from the slide category and click the arrow to publish.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.10.52 AM


If you’re running multiple playlists, be sure to duplicate that slide to “all playlists” to the “Alert!” position. In a matter of seconds, your emergency announcement will appear on every powered on screen in your workplace.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.21.44 AM

A few tips for preparing for an emergency situation:

Make sure several employees have access to the Retriever login and are trained to set an alert.

Sharing this blog post with your team is an easy way to prepare your team in the case of an emergency.

Login to your Retriever from your most-used off-site device.

In the case of evacuation, you could launch an alert from a mobile device or any internet-connected computer. Always get yourself out of harm’s way first.

Turn the alert off when the emergency has ended.

When all is clear, post an all clear message (we’ve built one for you), or simply turn the alert off so as to communicate the end of danger.

We hope you’ll never need this guide, but we’re happy to equip you with the tools to stay safe. If your team isn’t using Retriever Digital Signage yet, let us help you get started. Click here to set up a meeting.



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banking and digital signage

From the time someone walks into the door or pulls into the drive-thru of your bank, you have an opportunity. The built in wait time at a bank is expected by your customers, but many banks don’t take advantage of the opportunity to educate and engage their customers during that time.

Successful banks are using Retriever Digital Signage in their communications strategy in these three ways:

#1 – Educating their customers

Your customers come from all levels of wealth and financial literacy, and the wait time is the perfect opportunity to improve their comprehension of great financial practices, security measures, and areas for improvement without putting on any pressure. Their financial education increases their wealth, and is good for everyone.

#2 – Promoting products and services

When your customer is engaged with their teller, they don’t want to be upsold on another product unless they’ve invited themselves into that conversation. Opening the door to a conversation about a line of credit or another service offered by your institution with information as they wait is the ideal way to unobtrusively begin that conversation.

#3 – Engaging the community

Communicating your community values in an authentic way can be a challenge for any institution when your window of time is short, but the payoff is immense. When your customers know you’re invested in the community they care about, they are more inclined to do business with you and show loyalty over their lifetime. Many of our local bank clients share Retriever slides from area non-profits as a part of their playlist, giving these organizations a far broader reach while simply and effectively showcasing what matters most to your business: the community.

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new years resolutions retriever digital signage

How many years have you resolved to lose weight in the new year? Holiday treats make that a necessity, but there’s something about the calendar reset that gets us all thinking about how we can be better with a fresh start. Changing habits isn’t easy work, and those most successful at reaching their goals dedicate themselves to a strategy that works.

One of the most proven ways to make a change that lasts is to track the goal daily, with measurable benchmarks on habits you’re changing. Relying on your intrinsic motivation and willpower alone will work for a short time, but is unlikely to provide lasting change because your interest will wane or other factors will distract your focus.

Tracking a desired change gives you a daily reminder of your progress to that longterm change, and helps you to see the gradual shift in behavior. This philosophy works on a personal level, and a professional one.

How are you breaking your business’ goals into measurable, trackable benchmarks? How are you communicating your progress to those benchmarks with your team?

Retriever Digital Signage is a great tool for managing daily, trackable check-ins for your benchmarks and visually showcasing your progress to meeting those goals. When you have visibility and clarity on what you’re working toward together, there’s a mutual buy in that happens at all levels of employment. Clear expectations and vision gives your team a chance to band together as you progress to your big picture goals.

Moreover, modeling a great strategy for goal tracking in your professional atmosphere gives your team the tools they need to attain their personal goals as well, which Human Resources professionals know matters immensely to their contentment levels in and out of work.

Allow us to show you how to track your achievements using Retriever Digital Signage by clicking here to setup a conversation.

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human resources goals retriever digital signage

When the calendar resets and we’re all thinking about our resolutions, words for the year, and habits that can improve our lives, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how we’re doing as a company at keeping our employees engaged, retaining our talented team members, and offering meaningful training.

Let’s face it, human resources professionals have to work harder than ever to find, develop and keep great employees. Finding methods to align your business goals with the individuals who work at your company requires an incredible amount of creativity and dedication.

We believe effective communication is the key to the challenges faced by human resources professionals. Translating the lofty goals of the company’s strategic plan into measurable, comprehensible objectives that your team can invest in can change the landscape of your company.

Likewise, hearing the thoughts, ideas, and concerns of the people doing the work on the floor and amplifying that in a way that is valuable to everyone can only increase the level of investment for every person at your company.

Finding time to put into place an effective and efficient communications strategy can take a lot of effort and time you might not have, though. That’s why we believe so fervently in Retriever Digital Signage.

We work with businesses of all sizes and all lines of work to develop a communication strategy that takes minimal time with maximum impact. Retriever Digital Signage offers highly visual and easy-to-read at a glance content that is completely customizable to your communication needs (without being time consuming to program).

When we employee digital signage throughout your workplace, you decide which playlists sync to which screens, customizing the experience based on who’s where. It’s easy to get your message out instantly, showcase your team’s celebrations, and put the word out on an urgent update in seconds. If you can type, you can use Retriever’s software – it’s incredibly user-friendly for even the techno-phobes among us.

We love digital signage for office communications because it lightens the burden of emails and memos, and gives everyone direct access to the most important information, repeated as much or as little as need be.

Let us help you plan a communications strategy for your workplace. Click here to set up a meeting.

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