10 Ways to Improve Your Content Creation


Because we at DRM Productions have designed the Retriever Digital Signage to be accessible and easy to manage for someone with general computer skills, we thought you might like a few extra tips on how to design your slides!

• Graphics should be interesting but simple
• Text must be clear
• Imagery should be high quality and relevant
• Fun/Exciting graphics will capture attention
• Audio should be tone appropriate
• Message must be concise
• Length of the message should consider the traffic flow
• There will be a clear purpose to your message(s)
• If multiple pieces of content are being shown as part of an overall program, there should be consistency in the look, feel, branding, etc.
• Content has a purpose: engage, educate, entertain, and/or inspire

This list of 10 details to check over should give you a great starting point to dive into your own designs.  Once you’ve made your slides, take a moment to step back and look at them through fresh eyes. Ask someone who isn’t involved at all in your marketing to take and look and see if it makes sense.  Are the slides clear?  What comes to mind first when they first look at your slide?  In other words, is your message coming across how you had envisioned it?

Creating the content and the design for your Retriever Digital Signage is as pain-free as we could possibly make it.  Know what you want to communicate and let your creativity go!