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Announcing Retriever 2.0 – Sneak Peek #1


the next generation of digital signage

Announcing the Next Generation of Digital Signage

Retriever 2.0 is just around the corner. It is a major upgrade that all existing customers will receive automatically. With amazing speed and flexibility, the easiest digital signage system is about to be even better! Here are some of the many new features.

Rearrange Slots

Rearrange Slots

Need to change the order of slots in your playlist? No problem. Move any slot from anywhere to anywhere. The Retriever gives you total control.

With the Retriever, you can shuffle your playlist in just two clicks. Click the handle of the slot you want to move, then click where you want it to go.

Move slots on Retriever
Jay Miller

Jay Miller

Jay Miller is the CEO of DRM Productions and the original developer of Retriever. Working primarily on the sales side of the business, Jay has been using his creative skills to help clients communicate for years. Outside of work, Jay has a passion for learning and is constantly challenging himself to develop new hobbies and interests.