Digital Signage

Why Should You Choose a Retriever?


It goes without saying that there are several companies with their eye on the digital signage prize. As with any advancement in technology, the pros and cons for each company seem to be quite even between the options. However, Retriever Digital Signage has a few characteristics that set it apart from others in the same market.

Characteristic #1: Whether you are from Richland County, Ohio or Phoenix, Arizona, what you need more than fancy letterhead or flavored waters at your meetings, is a personal connection with the people who created and run your new Content Management System (CMS). When you have a connection with these creators, you know that what they do will be the long term best. DRM Productions is the type of a company that will remember you and your company. They know who you are and how to help your communication be as effective as possible.

Characteristic #2: Once you’ve purchased the Retriever Digital Signage, you don’t have to worry that we will suddenly disappear. We have You Tube videos to help train your employees in the program operations, people in our office to answer your questions (no matter how endless) and phone lines that will take your calls, connect you to a real person and give you answers!

Characteristic #3: When you’ve accidentally erased your latest slide or you can’t figure out how to make them rotate slower no matter how many times you watch our instructional videos, we can (and WILL) help you. This isn’t an empty promise, this is a bona fide guarantee.

Characteristic #4: Digital signage looks impressive. The use of text and graphics in a digital format automatically amps up your lobby appearance, interoffice communication and company image. But all this doesn’t have to intimidate you. DRM Productions has used the expertise of their graphic designers and their skills to create a store of potential slide designs for you as a Retriever Digital Signage administrator to use in your company’s slide shows.

Characteristic #5: The actual CMS of Retriever Digital Signage is a characteristic that should rank above all the others, except maybe the excellence of our creating/managing employees. Multiple parties can log into the system and schedule slides to communicate information. One account can manage all the screens you choose to employ in your organization. Changes to your slide show can be made from any administrative account at any time from any computer. Your unique login is what gives you access to the Retriever Digital Signage server and by extension, all the communication you could ever want for your organization!

The bottom line through all these characteristics is that Retriever Digital Signage is a CMS created by people who care about what they do. They care about where their product goes and who it helps. TV signage doesn’t have to be a bland extension of your brand, or a cold screen on the lobby wall. Thanks to these five characteristics, and many more, the Retriever can be your organization’s answer to communication!