Five Favorite Retriever Tips

7b5f8b_2ff3ea994dff483d91521aa3f48d8a89Every so often, it’s a good idea to take a beat and look back at what you’ve learned. What better time than the middle of the summer? So while you’re preparing your Retriever Digital Signage slide show to run while you’re on vacation, let’s recap on some of our favorite posts from the last few months.

Emergency Alerts and Digital Signage – As your prepare your emergency plans and corresponding Retriever Digital Signage slide show, keep in mind that all leadership should be kept undated on your plans. Not only should they know the general safety protocols and escape routes, it is also helpful for them to know how to access your Retriever Digital Signage in case they are ones who are charge at the moment of crisis.

Get your HR Department Connected with Digital Signage – Retriever Digital Signage is a tool that takes your communication from one-dimensional and dull to something that makes people stop and take note. No body wants to be the Toby Flenderson of their company, but if you insist on keeping communication in the 90s, what else can you expect?

In Case You Need More Reasons for Digital Signage – It goes without saying that there are many other reasons why Retriever Digital Signage is right for your organization. Digital signage can take your organization from bland to inviting with just a simple shift in design and function.

Combining Digital Signage and Social Media – If you take the time to do a quick survey of businesses and organizations, you’ll see they benefit from joining the social fray and using their accounts to the best of their potential.

Increase Your Productivity – Even if you as the manager or human resources personnel can’t be present, the Retriever can be working for you!

As always, look in the body of these posts for more links to posts and make notes on how you can use Retriever Digital Signage to increase the effectiveness of your organization’s communication.

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