Case study

Clear Fork Schools

Effective schools like Clear Fork Schools utilize a communications strategy that fits the needs of a 21st century student. Here are some smart reasons why schools like Clear Fork employ digital signage in their buildings:

1. Information is disseminated in an effective, waste-free way

No need to send home slips of paper with reminders and updates that will hit the bin before they’re ever read. By placing digital signage throughout the school building, a student’s eye is drawn to the screen and the message is received, thanks to the visually captivating design of the slides. Moreover, last minute changes are no longer a communications crisis, because digital signage can be updated instantly!

“With the technology that they’re used to, with the iPhones, the computers, the iPads — you name it, they’ve got it — this is just another branch of that technology and they’re attracted to that.”

Teacher at Clear Fork Schools

2. Students learn 21st century communications when they take responsibility

Schools employing digital signage that equip their students with the ability to program the Retriever slides are providing experience in communications, learning skills valued by a 21st century workforce. The user-friendly interface ensures that anyone with computer proficiency is able to master the Retriever system, along with the freedom to take the interface to the next level with video and graphic design.

3. Every student is celebrated with digital signage

“It’s all about the kids, not just the athletes, the whole school, and that’s what’s really neat. A lot of kids don’t see their pictures or their names in the paper, but they see their name on there for their birthdays, they see their picture if they’re in a play… it’s a great tool because it covers everyone and it makes them all feel important.”

Kerri Gottfried
Softball Coach at Clear Fork High School

Teachers and administrators know that promoting a sense of belonging to their students increases student engagement, attendance, performance and decreases behavioral incidents, but finding ways to do that can be a challenge for an already over-extended staff. Digital signage offers a meaningful tool to celebrate birthdays, achievements in the classroom, extracurricular activities, the arts, athletics… every way you can imagine to celebrate your students, you can utilize digital signage to achieve maximum impact.

4. Cultivate a relationship with the community

Whether you’re matching students with an employer, communicating a special promotion for students and their families, or showcasing a local volunteer opportunity, digital signage gives a school the tools to effectively build community relationships outside of the school walls. Employing digital signage organizes all of this information in one reliable place, so valuable class time isn’t wasted on announcements.