Case study

Park National Bank

Park National Bank built their business on the quality of their reputation. Relying on a history of financial strength and performance has enabled PNB to grow beyond their roots in Newark, Ohio. They have grown to over 140 locations offering every customer extraordinary service with a unique style of community banking. Adapting their service to the needs of each customer has made PNB the right choice for the neighborhood they serve, regardless of where that may be.

Using the philosophy of responding to the needs of the locale, Park National Bank is always looking to gain an edge on the competition while preserving their integrity. This philosophy also drives them to choose vendors who have similar core values of being a reliable and professional partner. PNB is looking for resources that back up their promises by delivering all the resources promised and needed to do the job.

Several branches of Park National Bank already had electronic signage at their locations but the service promised did not match the performance given. Having customers walk into lobbies and facing a black screen did not project the image the bank wanted. With the opportunity open, DRM Productions presented the Retriever Digital signage solutions to PNB. While interested, the bank asked for a test; Park National wanted to be sure this signage was right for them.

The test site was not to be a branch location. The bank wanted to put the Retriever at a more difficult site, one that would test its mettle. PNB placed the Retriever Digital signage at the Ohio RV and Boat Show in Columbus, Ohio. The bank was the main sponsor of the event, and its booth was at the hub of the show. The signage needed to gather attention, perform well and answer the call to change and be updated as needed by personnel with limited training on the system as well as with poor internet communication. In this chaotic atmosphere the Retriever performed as advertised.

DRM Productions had presented their system in an honest manner gaining the confidence of Park National Bank. While the test had been a success, several hurdles still existed before the Retriever could be installed. The personnel at DRM Productions sat down with the Advertising and IT Departments at the bank to make sure all objections were overcome. Not the least of these was the need for total security. The IT professionals at PNB, while cautious, came to understand the non-intrusive nature of the Retriever system. Since then, through extensive use, full trust in the system has been proven.

Working with the Advertising Department, the system developers have responded to particular needs of the bank and developed new signage templates and control features that suit the needs of Park National Bank. Building a relationship between PNB and DRM Productions has benefited both institutions and made both better than before.

“What impresses me the most about DRM and the Retriever system is how they continually look for ways to improve and provide individualized attention. If I have a special request or even a new idea, my input is welcome and always appreciated.”

Katie Firestone
Marketing Specialist at Park National Bank

The Retriever by design is a platform that is suited to a single location use but works as well in an expanding system with limitless locations. Local and/or central control options are also part of the package. These and other features made the Retriever a good fit for Park National Bank.

Now one year after the initial test and six months into branch usage, PNB has 10 units of the Retriever in place. The future of digital signage at Park National Bank has clearly been re-enforced with their use of the Retriever Digital Signage System. Ms. Firestone said, “We look forward to the opportunity to install additional Retriever units in our locations throughout the Park Family of Banks.”