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Digital Signage ROI: For your visitors


As a business owner, you are constantly making decisions based on what is best for your company.  Any investment is researched based on what the case studies show your benefits will be.  When a new marketing tool is new to the business circuit, it makes sense that you would seek out information on what the quantifiable Return on Investment (ROI) is.

In the case of Retriever Digital Signage, the initial results are not so easily defined. Most people who walk into your store have most likely already been in one like yours. Even if they are completely new to what you have to offer, their previous experiences set the bar on what to expect when it comes to the lighting, displays and layout. What they may not have experience with, though is how digital signage can impact their shopping experience.

Let’s look at how you could use Retriever Digital Signage to increase your ROI in a shoe store.  Sure, most people know how to buy shoes, but using slides with information on how to fit your foot better would add information that perhaps they wouldn’t already know. You don’t need an infomercial to explain this, but instead can use informative slides interspersed with weather, community events and current sales slides.  As your patrons try on shoes, they will be entertained and informed about how to care for their feet.  After all, isn’t that why they are shopping for quality footwear? To care for their feet?

Because everyone needs shoes, you need to look for ways to increase your patron loyalty.  In this instance, the ROI on your Retriever Digital Signage may not show up in sales numbers right away, but it will show up in how they feel about their shopping experience. Patrons who are engaged and feel that their needs are understood are patrons who return time and again.

Now that you know ROI doesn’t have to only be seen in your account books, can you visualize a way digital signage could increase your patrons’ positive experience?  Every experience had by a person who walks into your store is a return on the investment you’ve made by opening your doors. Retriever Digital Signage with content that inspires, entertains and educates while they shop is the best way to bring them a positive experience that will achieve your goal of a positive return on investment!

Jay Miller

Jay Miller

Jay Miller is the CEO of DRM Productions and the original developer of Retriever. Working primarily on the sales side of the business, Jay has been using his creative skills to help clients communicate for years. Outside of work, Jay has a passion for learning and is constantly challenging himself to develop new hobbies and interests.